Mikan Sakura

Japanese Name 佐倉 蜜柑
Romaji Name Mikan Sakura
Nicknames Polka Dot Panties, Strawberry Pattern
Series Gakuen Alice
Age 10-11
Weight 33 kg
Height 138 cm
Date of Birth January 1
Blood Type Unknown


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The energetic protagonist of Gakuen Alice


Mikan Sakura, the protagonist of the anime and manga series Gakuen Alice, is known for her cheerful and energetic personality. She is a cute, good-natured girl who always tries her best, even though her clumsiness often gets her into trouble. Mikan’s optimism and positive outlook on life make her a beloved character among fans.


Mikan’s background is rooted in her close relationship with her best friend, Hotaru. She lived with her grandfather in the countryside until she learned that Hotaru would be attending Alice Academy, a school for children with special powers. Determined to stay by Hotaru’s side, Mikan left home and enrolled in Alice Academy, beginning a new chapter in her life.


Mikan Sakura is portrayed as a cute and petite girl with a height of 138 cm and a weight of 33 kg. She has bright orange hair and expressive brown eyes. Her appearance perfectly matches her lively and energetic personality, making her easily recognizable among the characters of Gakuen Alice.


In the world of Gakuen Alice, individuals possess unique abilities known as “Alices”. Mikan has two rare and powerful Alices. Her primary Alice is Nullification, which allows her to resist the effects of certain Alices and completely negate the powers of other Alices in close proximity to her. This ability makes her an important asset to her friends and allies.
Mikan also has the Stealing Alice, which she inherited from her mother. With this ability, she can steal other people’s Alices and turn them into colored stones. Both of her Alices are considered exceptional and play an important role in the story.

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Mikan’s journey begins when she enters the Alice Academy to be with Hotaru. Throughout the series, she evolves from a member of the Special Ability Class to the Dangerous Ability Class, gaining recognition from the Elementary Principal. Her influence on characters such as Natsume and Ruka, who both develop feelings for her, further contributes to her growth and influence within the narrative.
After losing her Alice, Mikan is forced to leave the academy and have her memories erased to protect her from potential threats. However, fate brings her back to the world of Alice Academy, where she reunites with her friends and discovers her true connection to them.
In the epilogue, it is revealed that Mikan and Natsume continue their relationship and eventually get married, providing a heartwarming conclusion to their story.
Mikan Sakura’s character in Gakuen Alice shows her determination, resilience, and unwavering loyalty to her friends. Her engaging personality and extraordinary abilities make her a beloved and memorable character in the anime and manga world.

Mikan Sakura – FAQ

FAQ about Mikan Sakura from “Gakuen Alice

Who is Mikan Sakura?
Mikan Sakura is the main character of the manga and anime series “Gakuen Alice”. She is a happy and energetic 10-year-old girl with no special abilities until she discovers that she has a latent Alice, a unique supernatural power, which leads her to enroll in the Alice Academy.
What is the Alice Academy?
The Alice Academy is a fictional school in the “Gakuen Alice” series where children with special abilities, called Alices, are trained and educated. It is a secluded institution located on a remote island and is divided into different classes based on the types and levels of Alices the students possess.
What is Mikan Sakura’s Alice?
Mikan Sakura’s Alice is known as “Nullifying Alice” or “Stealing Alice”. Her Alice allows her to temporarily nullify the abilities of other Alices and even steal their powers permanently. It is a rare and powerful Alice that becomes a major plot point in the series.
How does Mikan Sakura’s personality contribute to the story?
Mikan Sakura’s cheerful and determined personality is a driving force in the story. Despite her initial powerlessness and the many challenges she faces, she never gives up and always strives to protect and support her friends. Her unwavering loyalty and selflessness make her a beloved character among fans.
What are some notable relationships in Mikan Sakura’s life?
Mikan Sakura forms several important relationships over the course of the series. Her friendship with Hotaru Imai, a genius inventor and her first friend at the academy, is particularly significant. Mikan also develops a close bond with Natsume Hyuuga, a rebellious and powerful student with a fire Alice, with whom she shares a deep connection.
Does Mikan Sakura face any challenges or conflicts in the story?
Yes, Mikan Sakura faces various challenges and conflicts throughout the series. She faces opposition from the academy’s administration, deals with personal sacrifices, and gets involved in complex situations involving the dark side of Alice Academy. These challenges test her resolve and shape her character development.