Keigo Saikawa

Japanese Name 犀川 恵吾
Romaji Name Saikawa Keigo
Nicknames N/A
Series Gakuen Babysitters
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Keigo Saikawa from “Gakuen Babysitters A closer look at the character

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Keigo Saikawa, a character from the anime series “Gakuen Babysitters”, is portrayed as the secretary of the president. He goes beyond his normal secretarial duties and acts more like a personal assistant. Keigo is known for his dedicated and responsible nature, always willing to take care of the needs of those around him. He is attentive, meticulous, and highly organized, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Keigo’s nurturing and caring personality makes him well-suited for his role in caring for the children at the daycare center.


Although Keigo Saikawa’s exact background is not explicitly mentioned in the anime series, it is known that he works as a secretary for the president, Youko Morinomiya. His duties extend beyond traditional secretarial tasks, as he takes on the additional roles of butler and cook. The details of his background, such as his previous experience and qualifications, are not revealed, leaving room for speculation and imagination.


Keigo Saikawa’s appearance in “Gakuen Babysitters” is characterized by his formal attire. He is often seen wearing a well-fitted suit, reflecting his professional nature and his role as a secretary. Keigo has neat, short black hair and piercing, intelligent eyes that convey his attentiveness and dedication. His appearance exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication, further emphasizing his role as a responsible and reliable individual.


Keigo Saikawa possesses a number of skills that contribute to his effectiveness as a secretary and caregiver. His organizational skills are exceptional, allowing him to manage various tasks efficiently. In addition, Keigo’s culinary talents make him adept at preparing meals for the children in his care. He demonstrates the ability to multitask effectively, attending to the needs of both the director and the children in the daycare center. Keigo’s attention to detail and problem-solving skills allow him to handle unexpected situations with ease.


Keigo Saikawa is from the anime series “Gakuen Babysitters”. The series, written and illustrated by Hari Tokeino, follows the story of Ryuuichi Kashima, a high school student who becomes a babysitter at a daycare center after the tragic death of his parents. Keigo plays a supporting role in the series, assisting the manager and looking after the children alongside Ryuuichi. “Gakuen Babysitters” explores the challenges and joys the characters face as they navigate the responsibilities of childcare.

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Keigo Saikawa – FAQ

Who is Keigo Saikawa in “Gakuen Babysitters”?

Keigo Saikawa is a character in the anime and manga series “Gakuen Babysitters”. He is one of the main characters and a student at the Morinomiya Academy.

What is Keigo Saikawa’s personality like?

Keigo Saikawa is a hardworking and responsible person. He is known to be serious and mature beyond his years. Keigo takes his responsibility as a babysitter seriously and often acts as a caretaker for the younger children in the series.

How does Keigo Saikawa interact with other characters?

Keigo has a close relationship with his classmates and fellow babysitters at Morinomiya Academy. He is especially close to Ryuuichi Kashima, the main protagonist, and they often work together to take care of the children. Keigo’s responsible nature makes him a reliable friend and ally to those around him.

What are Keigo Saikawa’s hobbies and interests?

Keigo Saikawa is passionate about music, especially playing the piano. He can often be seen practicing and performing piano pieces in the series. Keigo’s musical talent adds depth to his character and serves as a source of comfort for the children he cares for.

Does Keigo Saikawa have any particular strengths or weaknesses?

Keigo Saikawa’s greatest strength is his sense of responsibility and maturity. He excels at taking care of children and is reliable in times of need. However, his seriousness and perfectionism can sometimes make him overly critical of himself and others, leading to moments of self-doubt.

How does Keigo Saikawa contribute to the overall story of “Gakuen Babysitters”?

Keigo Saikawa plays an important role in the story of Gakuen Babysitters. His dedication to babysitting and his musical talent make him an important member of the babysitting club at Morinomiya Academy. He provides emotional support to the other characters and helps create a nurturing environment for the children in their care.