Takuma Mamizuka

Original Name (Japanese): 狸塚 拓馬
Romaji Name: Mamizuka Takuma
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Gakuen Babysitters
Age: Undisclosed
Weight: Undisclosed
Height: Undisclosed
Date of Birth: Undisclosed
Blood Type: Undisclosed


Takuma Mamizuka is the older twin brother of Kazuma Mamizuka and is described as the more energetic of the two. He is very protective of the children in his care and has been known to scare away anyone who tries to harm them. Takuma is a caring and attentive older brother who looks out for Kazuma.


Takuma is the son of Mamizuka Umi, the school’s gym teacher, and Mamizuka Kousuke, a famous model. He and his twin brother Kazuma were born into a loving family and have a close relationship.

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Takuma has unkempt blond hair and light brown eyes. He has rosy pink cheeks that add to his youthful and energetic appearance. Takuma’s overall appearance is that of a carefree and approachable young man.


As the older twin, Takuma is protective and capable of handling the children in his care. He is able to multi-task and keep the children entertained while ensuring their safety.


Takuma Mamizuka is a character from the anime and manga series “Gakuen Babysitters”, which follows the story of a group of high school students who act as babysitters for the children of the school’s faculty members. He is an integral part of the main cast and appears in both the anime and manga adaptations.

Takuma Mamizuka – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Takuma Mamizuka from “Gakuen Babysitters”:

Who is Takuma Mamizuka?

Takuma Mamizuka is one of the main characters of the anime/manga series “Gakuen Babysitters”. He is a high school student who is part of the school’s babysitting club, where he helps take care of the children of the school’s teachers.

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What is Takuma’s role in the Babysitting Club?

Takuma is considered one of the most responsible and capable members of the Babysitting Club. He is often put in charge of the younger members of the club and helps organize and oversee the club’s activities. He is very caring and patient when it comes to taking care of the children.

What is Takuma’s relationship to the other characters?

Takuma has a close relationship with the other members of the Babysitting Club, especially the club president Ryuuichi. He is protective of the younger members of the club and acts as a mentor figure to them. He also develops a warm relationship with the children he babysits.

What is Takuma’s background?

Takuma comes from a large family with several younger siblings. This background has given him a lot of experience and patience when it comes to taking care of children. He is also known to be very studious and responsible, qualities that serve him well in the Babysitting Club.

How does Takuma’s character develop over the course of the series?

Throughout the series, Takuma’s caring and responsible nature is emphasized more and more. He becomes increasingly adept with the children and takes on a leadership role within the Babysitting Club. His bond with the other characters, especially Ryuuichi, also deepens over time.

What are some of Takuma’s notable personality traits?

Takuma is described as caring, patient, and mature beyond his years. He is very responsible and reliable and takes his duties at the Babysitting Club very seriously. He also has a gentle, soft-spoken demeanor that endears him to the children in his care.