Tasuku Uehara

Original Name 上原 祐
Romaji Name Uehara Tasuku
Nicknames None
Series Gamers!
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Tasuku Uehara of “Gamers! – A closer look at the character

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Tasuku Uehara, a character from the anime series “Gamers!”, is known for his distinct personality traits. He is portrayed as a friendly and supportive individual who loves arcade games. Tasuku is shown to be a good friend, as he sets up his classmate Keita with Karen after observing her behavior towards him. He is also portrayed as someone who is willing to go out of his way to help others, even if it means sacrificing his own time with his girlfriend. Tasuku’s transformation from a nerdy gamer to a popular boy in high school highlights his determination and willingness to reinvent himself.


In the anime series “Gamers!”, Tasuku Uehara is introduced as a classmate of Keita Amano and the boyfriend of Aguri. Before high school, Tasuku was considered a nerd because of his love for arcade games and his nerdy behavior. However, before entering high school, he decided to change his appearance and hairstyle, which eventually made him a popular boy in his new school. This background shows Tasuku’s desire for personal growth and his ability to adapt to different environments.


Tasuku Uehara is described as a handsome young man of average height with short brown hair and brown eyes. In middle school, he wore glasses and had a different hairstyle. However, his decision to change his appearance for high school led to a change in his overall appearance. Tasuku’s light brown complexion adds to his unique appearance, making him easily recognizable among the characters in “Gamers!”.


While “Gamers!” focuses more on the characters’ interactions and relationships than on supernatural or extraordinary abilities, Tasuku Uehara does have skills in arcade games. His love for arcade games is an important part of his character, and he frequently visits arcades to play games. Tasuku’s gaming skills serve as a source of enjoyment and a common interest that he shares with his friends and classmates.


Tasuku Uehara is a fictional character created for the anime and manga series Gamers! The character was first introduced in the series, which was later adapted into an anime. Tasuku’s story and development are the result of the creative vision of the series’ creators and the efforts of the voice actors who bring the character to life.

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Tasuku Uehara – FAQ

Who is Tasuku Uehara in “Gamers!”?

Tasuku Uehara is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Gamers! He is a high school student and a member of his school’s gaming club.

What is Tasuku Uehara’s personality like?

Tasuku is known to be serious and straightforward. He is dedicated to his studies and often takes on leadership roles within the gaming club. He can be a bit blunt at times, but he cares deeply about his friends and their shared passion for gaming.

What are Tasuku Uehara’s gaming skills?

Tasuku is an exceptional gamer and is highly skilled in various video games. He has a strategic mindset and excels at planning and executing complex game strategies. His gaming skills are one of the reasons why he is respected by his fellow club members.

Is Tasuku Uehara romantically involved?

Yes, Tasuku is involved in several romantic relationships throughout the series. At first, he has a crush on the main female protagonist, Karen Tendou. However, his love life becomes quite complicated as the story progresses, with misunderstandings and love triangles adding to the drama.

How does Tasuku Uehara contribute to the game club?

Tasuku is an active member of the gaming club and plays a vital role in its activities. He often organizes gaming events, coordinates team strategies, and helps other members improve their gaming skills. He is dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive gaming community within the club.

Does Tasuku Uehara have any conflicts or challenges?

Yes, Tasuku faces several conflicts and challenges throughout the series. Some of these include misunderstandings with his friends, romantic complications, and disagreements within the gaming club. These conflicts often lead to comedic and dramatic situations that add depth to his character development.