Daizaemon Kaze

Japanese Name 風 大左衛門
Romaji Name Daizaemon Kaze
Nicknames Muscle Rider
Series Gantz
Age Mid-late twenties
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


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The powerful martial artist from Gantz


Daizaemon Kaze, also known as “Muscle Rider”, is a tall and incredibly powerful martial artist with a serious countenance. Despite his imposing physique and cold demeanor, he has a softer side and cares deeply for Takeshi, a young child who admires him as his “Muscle Rider” savior. Kaze is determined to test his strength and fighting skills against formidable opponents and protect Takeshi in the Gantz game.


Hailing from the countryside, Daizaemon Kaze came to Tokyo in search of formidable opponents to test his martial arts skills. His exceptional combat experience and skill make him a formidable fighter. Kaze met his demise during the Shinjuku Massacre, where he fought against Izumi. However, he chose to remain in the Gantz game to further hone his skills and protect Takeshi.


Kaze is characterized by his tall stature and muscular physique. He has slicked-back black hair and an anchor-style beard. His appearance reflects his formidable presence and martial arts background.


Daizaemon Kaze possesses extraordinary physical strength and martial arts skills. One of his signature moves is the “Rear Kick,” in which he smashes his back into enemies with tremendous force, often sending them flying. His exceptional fighting skills and strength have allowed him to survive numerous battles in the Gantz game.

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Daizaemon Kaze comes from the manga and anime series Gantz. Created by Hiroya Oku, Gantz follows the story of individuals who are brought back to life after death to participate in a deadly game. Kaze’s character adds depth and intensity to the story through his unparalleled martial arts skills and unwavering dedication to protecting those he cares about.

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Daizaemon Kaze – FAQ

Who is Daizaemon Kaze?

Daizaemon Kaze is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Gantz”. He is one of the main protagonists of the story.

What is Daizaemon Kaze’s role in “Gantz”?

Daizaemon Kaze is a member of the Gantz Team, a group of individuals who are forced to participate in a deadly game orchestrated by a mysterious black orb called Gantz. He fights against a variety of dangerous aliens and other opponents as part of the team’s missions.

What are Daizaemon Kaze’s abilities?

Daizaemon Kaze is a skilled fighter with exceptional physical strength and endurance. He is proficient in a variety of combat techniques and is often seen wielding a large sword called a Nodachi. He also has a high threshold for pain, allowing him to withstand injuries that would incapacitate others.

What is Daizaemon Kaze’s personality like?

Daizaemon Kaze is portrayed as a stoic and fearless individual. He is often calm and collected, even in the face of dangerous situations. He is dedicated to protecting his teammates and is willing to put his life on the line to ensure their safety.

What is Daizaemon Kaze’s background?

Daizaemon Kaze’s background is not fully explored in the series. However, it is revealed that he was a police officer before becoming involved in the Gantz missions. The circumstances that led to his involvement in the game are not explicitly detailed.

Does Daizaemon Kaze have any significant relationships?

Daizaemon Kaze forms close bonds with his fellow Gantz team members through their shared experiences and the dangers they face together. In particular, he develops a strong friendship with the protagonist, Kei Kurono, as they fight side by side in numerous missions.

What are some notable moments involving Daizaemon Kaze?

Daizaemon Kaze has several memorable moments in Gantz. One notable moment is when he engages in a fierce battle against a powerful alien opponent known as Nurarihyon. Another significant moment is when he sacrifices himself to save his teammates in a critical situation, demonstrating his selflessness and bravery.