Saki Kasukabe

Original Name 春日部 咲
Romaji Name Kasukabe Saki
Nicknames Sasayan (By Sasahara)
Kugapii (By Kugayama)
Ogichin (By Ogiue)
Kucchi (By Kuchiki)
Series Genshiken, Genshiken OVA, Genshiken 2, Genshiken Nidaime, Genshiken Nidaime OVA
Age 18-22
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth July 19, 1983
Blood Type AB

Saki Kasukabe from “Genshiken”: A Closer Look

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Saki Kasukabe, a prominent character in the anime and manga series “Genshiken,” has a distinct and multifaceted personality. She is portrayed as an assertive, down-to-earth, and practical individual who can be easily angered and ruthless when necessary. Known for her strong-willed nature, Saki displays a level of confidence that is both admirable and intimidating. Despite her initial disinterest in otaku culture, Saki gradually becomes more accepting of her fellow Genshiken Club members and develops close friendships with them.


Saki Kasukabe is introduced as the girlfriend of Kousaka, one of the main characters in “Genshiken”. Unlike the typical otaku, Saki is fashionable, occasionally smokes, and is not attracted to the sexual charms of anime characters. At first, she has little interest in the activities of the Genshiken Club. However, circumstances force her to join the club after being blackmailed by the first Genshiken president.


In terms of physical appearance, Saki Kasukabe is portrayed as an attractive young woman. She has a stylish and fashionable sense of dress that sets her apart from the more stereotypical otaku characters in the series. Saki’s appearance reflects her outgoing personality and adds to her overall appeal.


While Saki Kasukabe does not possess any supernatural or extraordinary abilities, her strengths lie in her practicality, assertiveness, and problem-solving skills. Her ability to navigate social situations and adapt to her surroundings is remarkable. Saki’s resourcefulness is particularly evident in her role in saving the Genshiken Club from possible closure on several occasions, driven by a sense of revenge and guilt rather than a desire to become more of an otaku.


Saki Kasukabe’s character comes from the “Genshiken” series created by Shimoku Kio. “Genshiken” explores the lives of a group of college students who are passionate about anime, manga, and gaming. Saki’s character provides a contrast to the typical otaku characters in the series, offering a fresh perspective and adding depth to the narrative.

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Saki Kasukabe – FAQ

Who is Saki Kasukabe in “Genshiken”?

Saki Kasukabe is a main character in the manga and anime series “Genshiken”. She is a college student and the girlfriend of one of the main characters, Makoto Kousaka.

What is Saki’s personality like?

Saki is initially portrayed as an outsider to the otaku subculture, often expressing her confusion and frustration with the hobbies and interests of the members of the Genshiken Club. She is straightforward, outspoken, and often acts as the voice of reason in the group.

How does Saki’s relationship with the Genshiken members develop?

At first, Saki is critical of the otaku lifestyle and finds it difficult to understand the passions and obsessions of the Genshiken members. Over time, however, she develops a deeper understanding and respect for their interests and forms meaningful relationships with them.

Does Saki have any hobbies or interests of her own?

Saki is portrayed as a “normal” college student with mainstream interests. She enjoys shopping, fashion, and hanging out with her friends. Her contrasting interests are often a source of humor and conflict in the series.

What challenges does Saki face as a character in Genshiken?

Saki faces the challenge of reconciling her own personality and interests with those of the otaku community she becomes involved with through her relationship with Makoto. She also struggles with the perceptions and stereotypes associated with being a “non-otaku” among the Genshiken members.

How does Saki contribute to the overall plot of Genshiken?

Saki’s character serves as a bridge between the otaku world and the “real world” in the series. Her interactions with the Genshiken members provide an outsider’s perspective on the otaku subculture, allowing for humorous and insightful commentary on the hobby and its enthusiasts.