Original Name (Japanese): 銀太郎
Romaji Name: Gintarou
Nicknames: Gin
Series: Gingitsune
Age: 350 years old
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Gintarou is often portrayed as annoyed and lazy around the main character Makoto Saeki, but he really cares about her and her feelings. He has a somewhat gruff demeanor, but it is hinted that he may have romantic feelings for Makoto, as he is sometimes seen blushing around her, though this could just be embarrassment. Despite his occasional irritation, Gintarou is devoted to his duties as a messenger to the gods and guardian of the Inari Shrine, where Makoto’s family lives.


Gintarou is a 350-year-old silver fox spirit who has protected the Inari Shrine for generations of the Saeki family. His past is not fully known, but it is known that he has long served as a herald and messenger to the gods at the shrine. The other herald who used to assist him has mysteriously disappeared, leaving Gintarou to run the shrine on his own.

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Gintarou appears as a large, imposing silver fox. In human form, he takes on the appearance of a tall, handsome man with silver hair and fox-like features. He is often seen wearing traditional Japanese clothing, such as a kimono, in keeping with his role as the guardian spirit of the shrine.


As a powerful fox spirit, Gintarou possesses various supernatural abilities. He can change between his fox and human forms, and he can communicate with the gods and relay their messages to the human caretakers of the shrine. Gintarou also has the power to protect the shrine and its inhabitants from harm, using his spiritual powers to ward off any threats.


Gintarou is a character from the manga and anime series “Gingitsune”, which is based on the light novel series of the same name. In the story, he is the messenger of the gods and the guardian of the Inari Shrine, where the main character, Makoto Saeki, and her family live. His role as the fox spirit protector of the shrine is deeply rooted in Japanese folklore and mythology surrounding Inari, the Shinto deity of foxes, rice, and fertility.

Gintarou – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Gintarou from “Gingitsune”:

Who is Gintarou?

Gintarou is the silver fox spirit that serves as the guardian deity of the Inari Shrine in the anime/manga series “Gingitsune”. He has watched over the shrine and the Kagura family, the shrine’s caretakers, for generations.

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What is Gintarou’s role in the story?

As a guardian deity, Gintarou acts as a mentor and protector to the main character, Makoto Sawada, who is the last of the Kagura family to care for the shrine. He provides guidance, wisdom, and support as Makoto navigates her duties and relationships.

What are Gintarou’s powers and abilities?

As a fox spirit, Gintarou possesses supernatural powers such as the ability to transform into human form, control the weather, and communicate with other spiritual beings. He also has heightened senses and can use his tails for various tasks.

What is Gintarou’s relationship with Makoto like?

Gintarou has a somewhat gruff and distant demeanor, but he genuinely cares for Makoto and the Kagura family. As the story progresses, his relationship with Makoto becomes more warm and affectionate as he sees her grow and take on her responsibilities at the shrine.

How long has Gintarou been the protector of the Inari Shrine?

Gintarou has served as the guardian deity of the Inari Shrine for centuries, watching over generations of the Kagura family. His exact age is never given, but he is portrayed as an ancient and wise spirit who has witnessed the history of the shrine.

Does Gintarou have any weaknesses or limitations?

While Gintarou is a powerful spirit, he does have some limitations. For example, he cannot directly intervene in human affairs and must work within the constraints of his role as a guardian deity. He also seems to be bound by certain rules and traditions related to his position.