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Japanese Name たま Romaji Name Tama Nicknames Fuyou No. 0, Hayashi Fuyou, Tamagura Series Gintama Age N/A (Android) Weight 121 kg Height 166 cm Date of Birth February 23 Blood Type N/A Tama – A beloved android from “Gintama Personality Tama, a character from the anime and manga series “Gintama,” is an android with a […]

Shouyou Yoshida

Japanese Name 吉田 松陽 Romaji Name Yoshida Shouyou Nicknames N/A Series Gintama Age N/A (Deceased) Weight N/A Height N/A Date of Birth N/A Blood Type N/A Shouyou Yoshida – The Mentor of Gintama Personality Shouyou Yoshida, a character from the popular anime series “Gintama,” is portrayed as a warm, kind, and caring individual. He is […]

Ayame Sarutobi

Japanese Name 猿飛 あやめ Romaji Name Sarutobi Ayame Nicknames Sacchan Series Gintama Age Not specified Weight 52 kg Height 169 cm Date of Birth June 2 Blood Type Not specified Ayame Sarutobi from “Gintama”: A ninja with a playful side Personality Ayame Sarutobi, also known as Sacchan, is a multi-faceted character in the anime and […]

Kyuubei Yagyuu

Japanese Name 柳生 九兵衛 Romaji Name Yagyuu Kyuubei Nicknames Kyuu-chan Series Gintama Age 17 Weight 45 kg Height 157 cm Date of Birth April 20 Blood Type Taurus Kyuubei Yagyuu from “Gintama Personality Kyuubei Yagyuu, a character from the anime and manga series “Gintama”, has a complex and fascinating personality. She is known for her […]


Japanese Name 定春 Romaji Name Sadaharu Nicknames Sadaemon Wolf The Mask Series Gintama Age N/A (fictional character) Weight 300 kg Height 170 cm Date of Birth February 25 Blood Type N/A (fictional character) Sadaharu The lovable Inugami from Gintama Personality Sadaharu, the beloved character from the anime series Gintama, is known for his unique personality […]

Tatsuma Sakamoto

Original Name 坂本 辰馬 Romaji Name Sakamoto Tatsuma Nicknames Loud Person Series Gintama Age 20’s Weight 70 kg Height 181 cm Date of Birth November 15 Blood Type Unknown Tatsuma Sakamoto A vibrant character from “Gintama Personality Tatsuma Sakamoto, a supporting character in the popular anime series “Gintama,” is known for his lively and optimistic […]

Isao Kondou

Japanese Name 近藤 勲 Romaji Name Kondou Isao Nicknames Gorilla, Fruits Chinpo Samurai, Gori-san Series Gintama Age 28 Weight 80 kg Height 184 cm Date of Birth September 4 Blood Type A Isao Kondou The commanding presence of Gintama Personality Isao Kondou, also known as Gorilla, Fruits Chinpo Samurai, or Gori-san, is a prominent character […]

Shinpachi Shimura

Japanese Name 志村 新八 Romaji Name Shinpachi Shimura Nicknames Shin-chan, Shin, Pattsuan, Megane, Pachie, Shintank, Watson, Pasta Series Gintama Age 16, 18 (Silver Soul Aftermath), 21-22 (Be Forever Yorozuya) Weight 55 kg Height 166 cm Date of Birth August 12 Blood Type Unknown Shinpachi Shimura The samurai-in-training from Gintama Personality Shinpachi Shimura, from the popular […]


Japanese Name 神威 Romaji Name Kamui Nicknames Admiral idiot, Baka Teitoku, Baka Aniki Series Gintama Age 18 Weight 55 kg Height 170 cm Date of Birth June 1 Blood Type Unknown Kamui from Gintama: A formidable Yato warrior Personality Also known as “Admiral Idiot” and “Baka Teitoku” in the series, Kamui is a complex character […]

Taizou Hasegawa

Japanese Name 長谷川 泰三 Romaji Name Taizou Hasegawa Nicknames Madao, Piggy Series Gintama Age 38 Weight 67 kg Height 179 cm Date of Birth June 13 Blood Type (Unknown) Articles Taizou Hasegawa from Gintama Personality Taizou Hasegawa, also known as “Madao” or “Piggy”, is a character from the popular anime series Gintama. He has a […]