Taizou Hasegawa

Japanese Name 長谷川 泰三
Romaji Name Taizou Hasegawa
Nicknames Madao, Piggy
Series Gintama
Age 38
Weight 67 kg
Height 179 cm
Date of Birth June 13
Blood Type (Unknown)


Taizou Hasegawa from Gintama


Taizou Hasegawa, also known as “Madao” or “Piggy”, is a character from the popular anime series Gintama. He has a complex personality that combines elements of humor, resilience, and occasional desperation. Despite his former position as a government official working for the Bakufu, Hasegawa finds himself in a constant cycle of unemployment and odd jobs. He is often portrayed as a middle-aged man down on his luck, earning him the nickname “Madao,” meaning “totally useless middle-aged man. Hasegawa’s personality is characterized by a mix of self-deprecation, determination, and a strong bond of friendship with Gintoki, the series’ protagonist.


Hasegawa’s background reveals a significant turning point in his life. Previously a respected official assigned to serve and protect an Amanto dignitary, Prince Hata, Hasegawa’s career took a downturn after an unfortunate incident involving Prince Hata. As a result, his superior demanded that he commit seppuku, a form of ritual suicide, to restore his honor. Rather than comply, Hasegawa chose to flee his quarters, resulting in his dismissal from his position. This event marked a significant change in his life, as he spiraled into a cycle of unemployment and became the “Madao” we know today.


In terms of appearance, Hasegawa is depicted as a middle-aged man with a height of 179 cm and a weight of 67 kg. He is often recognized by his trademark sunglasses and goatee, which give him a somewhat unfavorable look. Hasegawa’s attachment to his sunglasses stems from his desire to hold on to the remnants of his successful past. Although he briefly switches to half-moon glasses, he eventually embraces his sunglasses once again as a symbol of his determination to live life on his own terms.


While Hasegawa does not possess exceptional physical or martial arts skills like some of the other characters in Gintama, he does demonstrate resilience and resourcefulness in various situations. Despite his constant struggles with unemployment, he manages to find odd jobs and part-time work to make ends meet. Hasegawa’s experience in various roles, such as managing a supermarket or working as a taxi driver, shows his adaptability and willingness to do whatever it takes to survive.


Taizou Hasegawa’s origins lie in his early career as a government official working for the Bakufu. However, his life took a dramatic turn after the incident with Lord Hata, which led to his dismissal and subsequent descent into the life of a “Madao”. The term “Madao” was coined by Kagura, one of the main characters in Gintama, and is a nickname that epitomizes Hasegawa’s current state as a seemingly hopeless middle-aged man.

Taizou Hasegawa – FAQ

Who is Taizou Hasegawa?

Taizou Hasegawa, also known as Madao, is a character from the anime and manga series “Gintama”. He is a former police officer who has fallen on hard times and is often seen as a failure in society.

Why is Taizou Hasegawa called Madao?

The nickname “Madao” stands for “Mada owarai,” which translates to “still laughing. It reflects Hasegawa’s ability to maintain a positive attitude and sense of humor despite his unfortunate circumstances.

What are some notable characteristics of Taizou Hasegawa?

Taizou Hasegawa is known for his constantly disheveled appearance, including his unruly hair and unshaven beard. He is often seen wearing a tattered suit and carrying a briefcase that he claims contains his “soul”.

What is Taizou Hasegawa’s relationship to the main characters?

Hasegawa is a frequent acquaintance of the main characters in “Gintama”. He often appears as a comic relief character, interacting with and sometimes causing trouble for Gintoki, Shinpachi, Kagura and other members of the cast.

What are some of Taizou Hasegawa’s humorous situations?

Hasegawa finds himself in various comedic situations throughout the series. These include being chased by debt collectors, trying to work odd jobs to make ends meet, and enduring embarrassing mishaps that result in his nickname “Madao” being shouted out by others.

Does Taizou Hasegawa have any redeeming qualities?

Despite his seemingly pathetic circumstances, Hasegawa possesses a kind heart and is always willing to help others in need. He displays moments of bravery, loyalty, and selflessness that make him endearing to both the characters and the audience.