Momo Kawashima

Original Name (Japanese): 河嶋 桃
Romaji Name: Kawashima Momo
Nicknames: None
Series: Girls & Panzer
Age: 18
Weight: Unknown
Height: 164 cm
Date of Birth: May 5
Blood Type: A
Occupation: Student Council PR Manager, Gunner/Loader for Turtle Team
Role: Supporting Character


Momo Kawashima is a complex character in the anime series “Girls & Panzer”. While she appears calm and collected on the surface, she has a short temper and is easily upset. Her personality is often at odds with her role as a gunner and loader for her team’s tank, as her emotional outbursts can cause her to lose focus and miss her targets, even at close range.


Momo Kawashima is a junior at Ōarai Girls’ High School, where she serves as the student council’s public relations officer. She is also a member of the school’s Sensha-dō (Tank Warfare) Team, where she serves as a gunner and loader for the Turtle Team’s tank.

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Momo Kawashima has a petite, feminine appearance with pink hair and red eyes. She often wears the standard Ōarai Girls’ High School uniform of a white blouse, red bow, and green skirt. In her role as Tank Warrior, she wears a brown uniform and a helmet.


Despite her emotional outbursts, Momo Kawashima is a skilled gunner and loader. She is able to operate the tank’s main gun and load ammunition quickly and efficiently. However, her temper can sometimes get the better of her, causing her to miss shots or make mistakes in battle.


Momo Kawashima is a fictional character created for the “Girls & Panzer” franchise, which includes the original anime series, manga adaptations, and various spin-off media. She is one of the three secondary protagonists of the series, along with Anzu Kadotani and Yuzu Koyama.

Momo Kawashima – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Momo Kawashima from “Girls & Panzer”:

Who is Momo Kawashima?

Momo Kawashima is a character from the anime series “Girls & Panzer”. She is a student at the Oarai Girls Academy and the vice commander of the school’s Sensha-dō (tank combat) team. Momo is known for her glasses, stern demeanor, and excellent marksmanship.

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What is Momo’s role in the Oarai Sensha-dō team?

Momo is the deputy commander and main gunner of the Oarai Sensha-dō team. She is responsible for coordinating the team’s strategies and providing accurate fire support from the tanks. Momo’s skills as a gunner are essential to the team’s success in battle.

What is Momo’s personality like?

Momo is often described as serious, stern, and somewhat intimidating. She takes her responsibilities on the Sensha-dō team very seriously and expects a high level of performance from her teammates. However, Momo also cares deeply for her friends and will do whatever it takes to support them and ensure the team’s victory.

What kind of tank does Momo drive?

Momo is the main gunner of the Oarai team’s Panzer IV tank. She is an expert in operating the tank’s powerful 75mm main gun and plays a crucial role in the team’s battle strategy.

How does Momo’s relationship with her teammates develop over the course of the series?

At first, Momo’s strict personality and high expectations create some tension with her teammates. However, as the team faces various challenges and battles throughout the series, Momo’s dedication and loyalty to her friends become more apparent. She gradually learns to be more understanding and supportive of her teammates, and they, in turn, come to appreciate Momo’s skills and important role on the team.

What are Momo’s most notable achievements in the series?

Momo’s most notable achievements include her exceptional shooting skills, which have saved the Oarai team in several crucial battles. She also plays a key role in developing the team’s strategies and leading them to victory in the National Sensha-dō Tournament. Momo’s contribution to the team’s success is undeniable, and she is widely respected for her skills.