Japanese Name
Romaji Name Tatsu
Nicknames Immortal Tatsu
Series Gokushufudou
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


Tatsu, also known as “Immortal Tatsu”, is a fascinating character from the anime and manga series “Gokushufudou”. He portrays a unique personality as an ex-yakuza who strives to live an honest and domesticated life as a stay-at-home husband. Tatsu is portrayed as a stoic and disciplined individual with a strong sense of loyalty and responsibility. Despite his former life in the underworld, he approaches his domestic duties with the same intensity and dedication he once applied to his criminal activities.


Tatsu’s background is rooted in his past as a feared and respected member of the Yakuza, a Japanese organized crime syndicate. However, he decides to leave his criminal life behind and retire from the underworld to support his wife, Miku. The transition from ruthless yakuza to devoted husband is not without its challenges, and Tatsu often finds himself in amusing situations as he tries to cope with the mundane tasks of everyday life.


Tatsu cuts an imposing figure. He has a tall and muscular build, coupled with a stern expression that reflects his serious nature. Tatsu is often seen wearing casual clothing, such as a simple white apron, which serves as a humorous contrast to his intimidating presence. His tattoos, remnants of his yakuza days, are often concealed under his clothing, reinforcing his desire to maintain an unobtrusive domestic life.


Although Tatsu has retired from the criminal world, his experience as a Yakuza has given him a wide variety of skills and abilities. He possesses exceptional martial arts skills and is proficient in various martial arts techniques. Tatsu’s martial arts skills, combined with his quick thinking and resourcefulness, allow him to protect his loved ones and handle unexpected situations that arise in his daily life as a husband.


Tatsu’s origin lies in the pages of the manga series “Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband” created by Kousuke Oono. The series, which has also been adapted into an anime, follows Tatsu’s journey as he attempts to balance his newfound domestic responsibilities with his past as a yakuza. Tatsu’s character resonates with audiences for its unique blend of comedy and action, offering an unconventional perspective on the traditional roles of husband and wife.

Tatsu – FAQ

FAQ about Tatsu by “Gokushufudou

Who is Tatsu of “Gokushufudou”?
Tatsu, also known as “The Immortal Dragon”, is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series “Gokushufudou: The Way of the Househusband. He is a former Yakuza member who retired from his criminal life to become a full-time househusband.

What are Tatsu’s skills and abilities?
Tatsu is incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, having been a feared Yakuza member in the past. He is also highly skilled in various household chores and domestic tasks. Despite his intimidating appearance and background, Tatsu is a devoted husband and excels at cooking, cleaning, and organizing the house.

How does Tatsu balance his former life as a yakuza with being a househusband?
Tatsu’s unique character lies in his ability to seamlessly blend his yakuza skills with his domestic responsibilities. He often uses his past experiences to solve household problems in unorthodox and hilarious ways, resulting in hilarious situations. His intense devotion to his wife and household duties makes him an endearing and entertaining character.

What is the relationship between Tatsu and his wife?
Tatsu has a loving and supportive relationship with his wife Miku. She is aware of his past as a yakuza and fully accepts him for who he is. Despite his tough exterior, Tatsu is incredibly affectionate and caring towards Miku, often going to great lengths to make her happy and provide her with a comfortable home.

Does Tatsu still encounter Yakuza-related situations as a househusband?
Yes, even though Tatsu has retired from the Yakuza, his reputation and connections from his former life occasionally catch up with him. He finds himself in humorous situations where former associates or rivals mistake his activities as a househusband for involvement in the criminal underworld, leading to amusing misunderstandings and confrontations.

Is “Gokushufudou” a comedy series?
Yes, “Gokushufudou” is primarily a comedy series that uses humor to portray the contrast between Tatsu’s intimidating appearance and his domestic life as a househusband. The series combines elements of action, comedy, and slice-of-life to create a unique and entertaining storyline centered around Tatsu’s hilarious adventures in maintaining his household.