Kintarou Ooe

Japanese Name 大江 錦太郎
Romaji Name Ōe Kintarō
Nicknames The Golden Boy, Unluckiest Pervert
Series Golden Boy
Age 25
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth May 5, 1967 (Taurus)
Blood Type A


Kintarou Ooe, also known as “The Golden Boy”, is the charismatic and unconventional protagonist of the anime, manga and OVA series “Golden Boy”. Despite his reputation as a pervert, Kintarou has a unique and endearing personality. He is highly energetic, enthusiastic, and driven by his insatiable curiosity about life. Kintarou is a free-spirited individual who values personal growth and experience above all else. He embraces challenges and views every situation as an opportunity to learn and improve.


Kintarou Ooe’s background is revealed through his experiences as he travels around Japan. He dropped out of law school at Tokyo University, a decision that surprised many given his exceptional intelligence and talent. Instead of following a conventional career path, Kintarou chooses to explore the world and expand his knowledge by working odd jobs in various locations. This unconventional approach allows him to gain practical experience and insight into different professions and lifestyles.


Kintarou Ooe is portrayed as a young man with a distinctive appearance. He has medium-length brown hair and expressive brown eyes. Kintarou’s physical appearance reflects his energetic and youthful personality. He is often seen wearing casual clothing, such as a red jacket and blue jeans, while traveling on his trusty bicycle.


Despite dropping out of Tokyo University, Kintarou Ooe possesses a remarkable intellect and is exceptionally skilled in various fields. He has a deep understanding of human behavior and psychology, which he uses to his advantage when adapting to different work environments and interacting with people. Kintarou’s ability to quickly analyze and adapt allows him to excel at any job he takes on, despite his lack of formal qualifications.


Kintarou Ooe’s origin story is primarily explored through the “Golden Boy” series. After dropping out of Tokyo University, he embarks on a journey to gain a broader perspective on life and challenge societal norms. Kintarou’s decision to drop out and pursue unconventional experiences reflects his desire for personal growth and a deeper understanding of the world. His origin lies in his determination to break free from societal expectations and traditional career paths in search of true fulfillment.

Kintarou Ooe – FAQ

Who is Kintarou Ooe?

Kintarou Ooe is the protagonist of the manga and anime series “Golden Boy”. He is a 25-year-old freeter (a person who works part-time or temporary jobs) with a genius-level intellect and a thirst for knowledge and experience.

What is Kintarou Ooe’s background?

Kintarou Ooe is a college dropout who never finished his studies in law, engineering, and computer science. He prefers to learn by doing and travels from one part-time job to another in search of knowledge and life lessons.

What are Kintarou’s unique skills?

Kintarou has exceptional physical strength, intelligence, and adaptability. He is a skilled motorcyclist, martial artist, and can excel in various activities such as cooking, swimming, and even playing musical instruments. He is also fluent in several languages.

How does Kintarou approach his side jobs?

Kintarou approaches each part-time job as an opportunity to learn and grow. He approaches each job with enthusiasm, dedication and a desire to understand the inner workings of the profession. He often goes above and beyond what is expected of him, impressing his employers and colleagues.

What motivates Kintarou in his quest for knowledge?

Kintarou is driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to experience different aspects of life. He believes that true education and understanding can only be gained through direct experience and challenge. He seeks to learn from the people he meets and the situations he encounters, valuing practical knowledge over theoretical concepts.

Does Kintarou have any significant relationships in the series?

Kintarou forms various relationships throughout the series, often with women who inspire him or teach him valuable life lessons. However, his interactions are primarily platonic and driven by his desire to learn rather than pursue romantic relationships.