Original Name アシㇼパ
Romaji Name Asirpa
Series Golden Kamuy
Date of Birth
Blood Type

Asirpa from “Golden Kamuy”: A fascinating character

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Asirpa is a fascinating character in the anime and manga series “Golden Kamuy”. She is a young Ainu hunter and serves as the deuteragonist of the series. Initially cold and withdrawn, Asirpa gradually reveals her warm and playful side as she forms deep bonds with her comrades. She is independent, capable, and has a strong sense of justice. Asirpa values her Ainu heritage and strives to protect her people’s culture and independence. Despite the harshness of the wilderness, she maintains a pragmatic outlook on survival while holding fast to her principles of not taking human life.


Asirpa’s background is closely tied to the story of the Golden Kamuy. After saving the life of a man named Sugimoto and learning of the existence of hidden gold, she embarks on a journey with him to uncover the treasure. Asirpa is from the Ainu ethnic group, an indigenous people of Japan. Her deep connection to her Ainu heritage shapes her worldview and motivations throughout the series. Her determination to find the gold is driven by her desire to ensure the preservation and recognition of the Ainu people and their way of life.


Asirpa’s appearance in “Golden Kamuy” is distinctive and reflects her Ainu heritage. She has long, dark hair that she wears in a traditional Ainu hairstyle. Her striking eyes have a keen and observant quality. Asirpa wears clothing inspired by traditional Ainu dress, including a patterned robe and boots suitable for exploring the wilderness. The tattoos on her lips, another Ainu tradition, further emphasize her connection to her cultural roots.


A skilled hunter, Asirpa has exceptional tracking and survival skills. She knows the ways of the wilderness and can navigate treacherous terrain with ease. Asirpa is a skilled archer and is able to take down prey with precision. Her knowledge of medicinal plants and traditional Ainu remedies makes her a valuable asset in the group’s quest for survival. With her keen intellect and resourcefulness, Asirpa will be instrumental in solving the mysteries surrounding the hidden gold and outsmarting their enemies.


Asirpa’s origins lie in the Ainu culture, indigenous to the northern regions of Japan. The Ainu have a rich history and unique traditions that set them apart from the dominant Japanese culture. Asirpa’s journey in “Golden Kamuy” allows her to explore her heritage, challenge societal norms, and confront the historical injustices faced by her people. Through her character, Golden Kamuy sheds light on Ainu culture and raises awareness of the struggles and resilience of indigenous communities.

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Asirpa – FAQ

Who is Asirpa in “Golden Kamuy”?

Asirpa is one of the main characters in the manga and anime series “Golden Kamuy”. She is a young Ainu girl, a member of the indigenous Ainu people of Hokkaido, Japan. Asirpa plays a crucial role in the story as she joins forces with the protagonist, Saichi Sugimoto, in their search for hidden Ainu gold.

What are Asirpa’s personality traits?

Asirpa is portrayed as a brave, resourceful, and intelligent character. She is skilled in hunting, survival techniques, and traditional Ainu customs. Asirpa is fiercely loyal to her culture and traditions and is proud of her Ainu heritage. She is also known for her sharp wit, determination, and strong sense of justice.

What is Asirpa’s relationship to Saichi Sugimoto?

Asirpa and Saichi Sugimoto develop a close relationship over the course of the series. Initially, they form an alliance based on their common goal of finding the hidden Ainu gold. As the story progresses, their relationship evolves into a deep friendship based on trust, mutual respect and understanding. Relying on each other’s strengths, Asirpa and Sugimoto support each other in their dangerous adventures.

What is Asirpa’s role in the search for the Ainu gold?

Asirpa is instrumental in the search for the Ainu gold. Her Ainu heritage and extensive knowledge of Ainu culture, language, and customs provide crucial clues and insights that help guide the protagonists in their quest. Asirpa’s tracking and hunting skills also prove invaluable in navigating the treacherous landscape and overcoming the various challenges they encounter along the way.

How does Asirpa’s Ainu heritage influence the story?

Asirpa’s Ainu heritage is an important aspect of her character and plays a central role in the overall story of Golden Kamuy. Her deep knowledge of Ainu traditions, rituals, and history not only aids in the search for the Ainu gold, but also sheds light on the cultural significance and struggles of the Ainu people during the time period depicted in the series.

Does Asirpa have any special skills or talents?

While Asirpa does not possess any supernatural or extraordinary abilities, she does excel in several skills that are essential for survival in the harsh northern wilderness. Her skills in hunting, fishing, tracking, and the use of traditional Ainu weapons make her a formidable and resourceful character. In addition, her understanding of herbal medicine and natural remedies demonstrates her expertise in traditional Ainu healing practices.