Saichi Sugimoto

Japanese Name 杉元 佐一
Romaji Name Sugimoto Saichi
Nicknames The Immortal
Series Golden Kamuy
Age Varies throughout the series
Weight Varies throughout the series
Height Varies throughout the series
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Saichi Sugimoto, the protagonist of the anime and manga series “Golden Kamuy,” is known for his complex and intriguing personality. Despite his rugged exterior and battle-hardened demeanor, Sugimoto is a kind-hearted and likable individual. He cares deeply for his friends and loved ones, displaying a strong sense of loyalty and protectiveness toward them. Sugimoto’s brave nature is evident in his actions, as he is willing to go to great lengths to fulfill his promises and honor the wishes of those who have entrusted him. He has a strong moral compass and a deep sense of justice, often standing up for what he believes is right. Sugimoto’s determination and resilience are key aspects of his personality, earning him the nickname “The Immortal”.


Saichi Sugimoto’s background is closely tied to his experiences as a soldier in the Russo-Japanese War. He served as a member of the 1st Division of the Imperial Japanese Army and gained a reputation for invincibility on the battlefield, leading to his nickname “The Immortal Sugimoto”. During the war, Sugimoto lost his best friend, who left him in charge of his family. Upon his return from the war, Sugimoto embarked on a journey to pan for gold in Hokkaido to fulfill his friend’s last wish. During this quest, he meets a man who reveals the existence of a hidden gold treasure that once belonged to the indigenous Ainu people. This revelation sets Sugimoto on a thrilling adventure full of danger and intrigue.


Saichi Sugimoto’s appearance is characterized by his battle scars and distinctive facial features. His face bears three scars, two of which intersect at right angles and run across his entire face, while the third scar deviates from the horizontal line like a branch of a tree. These scars serve as reminders of the battles he has fought and the hardships he has endured. Sugimoto’s body is also adorned with numerous scars from his time as a soldier. He is often seen wearing a kimono with the sleeves tied with a tasuki and a mandarin collar shirt. In colder weather, he wears a dark blue trench coat and a foreign scarf, in addition to his military cap, trousers, and high boots from his days in the Russo-Japanese War.


Saichi Sugimoto is a formidable warrior and skilled soldier, possessing the instincts and combat skills necessary to survive in the harsh and dangerous world of Golden Kamuy. He demonstrates his strength and prowess in various battles, including overpowering and killing a rogue bear with nothing but a knife and bayonet. Sugimoto’s fighting skills, honed by his experiences in war, make him a formidable opponent in physical combat. His resourcefulness and quick thinking also contribute to his survival and success in challenging situations. Despite his fighting skills, Sugimoto is not a cruel or unkind person. He values life and will only resort to violence when necessary to protect himself or others.


Saichi Sugimoto is a character from the manga series “Golden Kamuy” written and illustrated by Satoru Noda. The series is set in the aftermath of the Russo-Japanese War and revolves around Sugimoto’s search for hidden gold and his encounters with various characters, including the Ainu and other treasure hunters. “Golden Kamuy” combines elements of historical fiction, action, adventure, and suspense to create a rich and compelling narrative. Sugimoto’s character development and the challenges he faces throughout the series add to the overall depth and intrigue of the story.
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Saichi Sugimoto – FAQ

Who is Saichi Sugimoto?

Saichi Sugimoto is the protagonist of the manga and anime series “Golden Kamuy”. He is a former soldier who fought in the Russo-Japanese War and is known as “Immortal Sugimoto” due to his incredible survival skills.

What is Saichi Sugimoto’s goal?

Saichi Sugimoto’s main goal is to find a hidden treasure consisting of Ainu gold. This gold was stolen from the Ainu, an indigenous group from Hokkaido, and hidden by a group of prisoners who tattooed the location on their bodies. Sugimoto teams up with an Ainu girl named Asirpa to locate the gold.

Why is Saichi Sugimoto called “Immortal”?

Saichi Sugimoto earned the nickname “Immortal Sugimoto” during the Russo-Japanese War due to his remarkable ability to survive in seemingly impossible situations. He survived numerous battles and dangerous situations, demonstrating his incredible resilience and resourcefulness.

What are Saichi Sugimoto’s skills and abilities?

Saichi Sugimoto’s military background makes him a highly skilled fighter and marksman. He is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and is an excellent marksman with a rifle. Sugimoto is also known for his exceptional survival skills and ability to adapt to harsh environments.

What is Saichi Sugimoto’s relationship to Asirpa?

Asirpa is an Ainu girl whom Saichi Sugimoto meets during his search for the hidden gold in “Golden Kamuy”. At first, their relationship begins as a partnership based on their common goal. However, as the story progresses, their bond deepens and they develop a strong friendship based on trust and mutual respect.

Does Saichi Sugimoto have any distinctive physical features?

Yes, Saichi Sugimoto has a distinctive scar on his forehead. The scar is the result of a wound he received during the Russo-Japanese War. It serves as a visual reminder of his past experiences and the hardships he endured.