Kazuya Kujou

Original Name 久城 一弥
Romaji Name Kujou Kazuya
Nicknames The Black Reaper, Baby Squirrel
Series Gosick
Age 15 years old
Weight N/A
Height 168 cm (5′ 6″)
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Kazuya Kujou from “Gosick

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Kazuya Kujou, the main character of “Gosick”, is a young and determined individual. Having grown up in the shadow of his more successful siblings, Kazuya has had to deal with feelings of jealousy and a constant struggle for recognition. Despite these challenges, he remains resilient and works hard to prove himself. He has a strong sense of loyalty and cares deeply for those close to him, especially his companion Victorique.


The youngest son of a soldier, Kazuya Kujou has spent much of his life trying to live up to the achievements of his older siblings. Frustrated by always being in the shadows, he decided to leave the military academy in Japan and study abroad at St. Marguerite Academy in Sauville. His decision to study abroad was partly influenced by the belief that the youngest child is often seen as spoiled and useless. This desire for independence and recognition led him to begin a new chapter in his life.


Kazuya Kujou stands 168 cm (5′ 6″) tall. He has a youthful appearance with brown hair and brown eyes. His overall appearance reflects his determination and resilience, and he carries himself with a sense of purpose.


Although Kazuya Kujou has no supernatural abilities, he demonstrates exceptional intelligence and problem-solving skills throughout the series. His keen observation and logical thinking make him a valuable asset in solving mysteries and uncovering the truth. In addition, his unwavering loyalty and courage allow him to face various challenges head-on, making him a reliable companion to Victorique.


Kazuya Kujou is a fictional character from the anime and light novel series “Gosick”. Created by Kazuki Sakuraba, the series follows Kazuya’s journey as he forms a unique partnership with the enigmatic Victorique de Blois. The story takes place in a fictional European country in the early 20th century, where Kazuya becomes entangled in a web of mystery and conspiracy while attending St. Marguerite Academy.
Throughout the series, Kazuya’s character grows and evolves as he navigates the complexities of his surroundings and forms deep relationships with the people he meets. His origin lies in the creative imagination of the series’ creators, who have created a compelling protagonist to embark on an exciting and mysterious adventure.
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Kazuya Kujou – FAQ

Who is Kazuya Kujou?

Kazuya Kujou is the main protagonist of the light novel and anime series “Gosick”. He is a transfer student from Japan who enrolls in the Saint Marguerite Academy, a prestigious school in the fictional European country of Sauville.

What are Kazuya Kujou’s most notable characteristics?

Kazuya Kujou is known for his dark hair, blue eyes, and average build. He is often seen wearing the Saint Marguerite Academy school uniform, which consists of a white shirt, black pants, and a black blazer.

What is Kazuya Kujou’s personality like?

Kazuya Kujou is portrayed as a kind and gentle person. He is often described as polite and well-mannered. He is also shown to be intelligent, curious, and quick to observe details, which helps him solve various mysteries.

What is Kazuya Kujou’s role in “Gosick”?

Kazuya Kujou serves as the main protagonist and assistant to Victorique de Blois, the female lead of the series. Together, they solve intricate mysteries and uncover dark secrets surrounding the Academy and the land of Sauville.

What is the relationship between Kazuya Kujou and Victorique de Blois?

Kazuya Kujou develops a close relationship with Victorique de Blois over the course of the series. At first they have a somewhat strained relationship, but eventually they become trusted partners and friends. Kazuya’s unwavering support and loyalty play a crucial role in Victorique’s growth and development.

Does Kazuya Kujou have any unique skills or talents?

While Kazuya Kujou does not possess any supernatural abilities, he does have a keen intellect and a talent for deductive reasoning. He often assists Victorique in solving mysteries by observing and analyzing various clues, which helps him uncover the truth behind complex cases.