Victorique de Blois

Original Name ヴィクトリカ・ド・ブロワ
Romaji Name Victorique de Blois
Nicknames The Golden Fairy, Gray Wolf, Monstre Charmant
Series Gosick
Age 15 years old
Weight N/A
Height 140 cm
Date of Birth December 25, 1909
Blood Type N/A


Victorique de Blois, the main heroine of the anime series Gosick, has a unique and fascinating personality. Despite her small and doll-like appearance, Victorique possesses a sharp mind and displays an exceptional intellect. She is known for her sharp tongue, offensive bluntness, and eccentric attitude. Victorique’s sharp wit and deductive skills make her an exceptional detective, allowing her to solve complex mysteries throughout the series.

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Victorique’s background plays an important role in shaping her character. She was imprisoned in the depths of the de Blois mansion because her mother was considered a “dangerous person”. As a result, Victorique developed mannerisms that were far from childlike. However, she was eventually sent to school under strict orders never to leave the campus. Despite her reclusive upbringing, Victorique’s encounters with Kazuya Kujō, the series’ protagonist, gradually warmed her to him, leading to a bond of trust and affection.


Victorique’s appearance is characterized by her doll-like charm. She has long golden hair and captivating emerald eyes that add to her ethereal beauty. Standing at a petite height of 140 cm, she exudes an aura of delicacy and elegance. A distinctive feature of Victorique’s appearance is the pipe she often holds and smokes while deep in thought. This adds to her enigmatic and mysterious personality, further enhancing her unique character design.


Despite her young age, Victorique possesses remarkable abilities that set her apart from others. Her exceptional intellect and deductive reasoning allow her to solve intricate mysteries and unravel complex puzzles. Victorique’s extensive knowledge, acquired through reading numerous difficult books in various languages, proves instrumental in her investigative pursuits. Her sharp mind, coupled with her ability to think critically and connect seemingly unrelated clues, makes her a formidable detective.


Victorique’s origins are deeply intertwined with her family’s history and the events that unfold throughout the series. As her past and family background are gradually revealed throughout the story, it is discovered that she comes from a lineage with a complex and mysterious heritage. As the series progresses, Victorique’s journey of self-discovery and her connection to Kazuya’s family play a significant role in the overall narrative.

Victorique de Blois – FAQ

Who is Victorique de Blois?

Victorique de Blois is a fictional character from the light novel and anime series “Gosick”. She is the main female protagonist and is known for her exceptional intelligence and deductive reasoning skills.

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What is Victorique’s background?

Victorique is a girl with an enigmatic background. She is the illegitimate daughter of a powerful noble family, the de Blois, and her mother was a woman from a village in the Alps. Because of her unconventional heritage, she faced discrimination and isolation from both her noble relatives and the villagers.

What are Victorique’s personality traits?

Victorique is known for her keen intellect and encyclopedic knowledge. She has a cynical and aloof demeanor, often appearing disinterested or detached from her surroundings. Despite her cold exterior, she possesses a compassionate and empathetic side, especially when it comes to her few trusted companions.

What is Victorique’s role in “Gosick”?

Victorique serves as the series’ primary detective and mystery solver. She assists the male protagonist, Kazuya Kujo, in solving various complex cases and unsolved mysteries. Her brilliant deductions and insights play a crucial role in uncovering the truth behind the mysteries they encounter.

What is the relationship between Victorique and Kazuya Kujo?

Victorique forms a close bond with Kazuya Kujo, an exchange student from Japan. At first, their relationship begins as a mutually beneficial partnership. However, as they solve mysteries and face challenges together, their bond deepens into a true friendship and eventually develops romantic undertones.

How does Victorique’s physical appearance contribute to her character?

Victorique’s appearance is characterized by her long golden hair and striking emerald green eyes. Her delicate and doll-like features, coupled with her elegant Victorian-style clothing, create a stark contrast to her sharp intellect and cynical personality. Her appearance often serves as a visual representation of the dichotomy between her outer and inner characteristics.