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Great Pretender

Cynthia Moore

Original Name シンシア・ムーア Romaji Name Cynthia Moore Nicknames Paula Dickins Series Great Pretender Age Unknown Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Cynthia Moore – The Master of Deception in “Great Pretender Personality Cynthia Moore, a prominent character in the Great Pretender anime series, is known for her confident and outgoing […]

Makoto Edamura

Original Name 枝村真人 Romaji Name Makoto Edamura Nicknames Edamame, Top Swindler of Japan Series Great Pretender Age Varies throughout the series Weight Varies throughout the series Height Varies throughout the series Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Makoto Edamura from “Great Pretender”: Personality Makoto Edamura, also known as “Edamame”, is a charismatic and resourceful […]

Laurent Thierry

Original Name ローラン・ティエリー Romaji Name Laurent Thierry Nicknames Laurie Series Great Pretender Age N/A Weight N/A Height N/A Date of Birth N/A Blood Type N/A Laurent Thierry The master conman of “The Great Pretender Personality Laurent Thierry, also known as Laurie, is a fascinating character in the Great Pretender anime series. He has a complex […]