Laurent Thierry

Original Name ローラン・ティエリー
Romaji Name Laurent Thierry
Nicknames Laurie
Series Great Pretender
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A



The master conman of “The Great Pretender


Laurent Thierry, also known as Laurie, is a fascinating character in the Great Pretender anime series. He has a complex personality that combines charm, wit, and an underlying vengeful nature. Laurent acts as a modern-day Robin Hood, targeting corrupt individuals who harm innocent people in order to amass wealth. He uses his skills as a con man to expose the crimes of his victims, and uses the profits from his scams to help those in need. Despite his affable demeanor, Laurent is driven by deep anger and a desire for revenge, especially against Mr. Liu of the Shanghai Mafia branch of Akemi Suzaku’s human trafficking empire. His impeccable self-control demonstrates his remarkable willpower, making him a formidable opponent to his enemies.


Not much is known about Laurent Thierry’s background prior to his appearance in “Great Pretender.” However, it is clear that he is an expert international con artist with a reputation that precedes him. Laurent’s ability to navigate various criminal circles and orchestrate elaborate schemes suggests a vast network and extensive experience in the world of deception and manipulation. His past remains shrouded in mystery, leaving viewers curious about his origins and the events that shaped his character.


Laurent Thierry cuts a charismatic figure with his fair blond hair and pale blue eyes. He has an air of elegance and sophistication that suits his role as a master conman. Laurent’s fashion sense reflects his impeccable taste, as he is often seen dressed in stylish suits and accessorized with fashionable ties and pocket squares. His appearance is an essential tool in his arsenal, allowing him to blend seamlessly into high society and gain the trust of his targets.


Laurent Thierry’s skills as a con man are unparalleled. He possesses exceptional powers of persuasion and quick thinking, allowing him to manipulate others to his advantage. His vast knowledge of human psychology and his ability to read people’s intentions make him a master of deception. Laurent’s schemes are meticulously planned and executed with precision, often involving intricate setups and elaborate performances. He combines his intelligence, charisma, and acting skills to create believable personas that allow him to infiltrate even the most secure organizations and deceive the most skeptical individuals.


While details on Laurent Thierry’s specific origins are scarce, his expertise suggests that he has traveled extensively and immersed himself in various cultures and criminal networks. His ability to speak several languages fluently indicates his exposure to different regions and societies. Laurent’s international background adds to his enigmatic appeal, leaving viewers curious about the experiences and encounters that have shaped him into the con man he is today.

Laurent Thierry – FAQ

Who is Laurent Thierry in “The Great Pretender”?

Laurent Thierry is one of the main characters in the anime series “Great Pretender”. He is a charismatic and skilled con artist who specializes in elaborate scams and robberies. Laurent is known for his charming personality, quick thinking, and ability to manipulate others to achieve his goals.

What are the main characteristics of Laurent Thierry?

Laurent is a highly intelligent and resourceful individual. He has excellent analytical skills and is able to create intricate plans to carry out his scams. He is also a master of disguise and can effortlessly assume different identities to deceive his targets. In addition, Laurent is known for his wit, charisma, and ability to adapt to different situations.

What drives Laurent Thierry to become a con man?

Laurent’s motivations for becoming a con artist are explored in Great Pretender. He has a deep-seated desire for justice and often uses his skills to expose and punish corrupt individuals or organizations. Laurent believes that his scams serve as a form of poetic justice, targeting those who have exploited others for personal gain.

Does Laurent Thierry have a staff?

Yes, Laurent Thierry leads a team of skilled individuals in his scams. The team consists of other con artists, each with their own unique talents and specialties. Together they work to execute elaborate scams and heists, often targeting high-profile criminals or individuals involved in illegal activities.

How does Laurent Thierry plan his scams?

Laurent Thierry is known for his meticulous planning and attention to detail. He thoroughly researches his targets, gathering information about their vulnerabilities, habits, and connections. Using this information, he devises complex strategies and manipulates situations to achieve his desired results. Laurent’s plans often involve creating elaborate scenarios and exploiting his targets’ weaknesses.

Does Laurent have a moral code?

Although Laurent Thierry is a con artist, he does have a personal moral code. He primarily targets people who have done harm or committed injustice. Through his scams, Laurent aims to expose these individuals and bring them to justice, often ensuring that they face the consequences of their actions. However, he is not above using deception and manipulation to achieve his goals, sometimes blurring the line between right and wrong.