Urumi Kanzaki

Japanese Name 神崎 麗美
Romaji Name Kanzaki Urumi
Nicknames None
Series Great Teacher Onizuka
Age 15 (at the start of the series)
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Urumi Kanzaki, a character from the anime and manga series “Great Teacher Onizuka”, has a complex and multifaceted personality. She is portrayed as a child prodigy with an exceptionally high IQ of over 200, making her a genius in various academic disciplines. However, Urumi’s intelligence is intertwined with deep psychological issues and a profound disdain for teachers.
Due to her experiences in elementary school, where her teacher failed to adequately address her advanced academic needs, Urumi developed a strong resentment toward educators. Her constant demands for intellectual stimulation and correction of her teacher’s mistakes led her teacher to reveal Urumi’s secret to the class, causing significant emotional trauma. As a result, Urumi harbors a deep hatred for teachers and seeks to challenge their authority.
Despite her troubled past, Urumi’s intellect is undeniably formidable. She demonstrates her genius through various unconventional actions, such as constructing time bomb-like devices with firecrackers and creating optical illusions with paper cutouts. She also demonstrates her linguistic prowess by speaking several languages fluently, including French and Mandarin.


Urumi Kanzaki is introduced in the “Great Teacher Onizuka” series as a student in class 3-4 at the Holy Forest Academy. She is portrayed as a childhood friend of Tomoko Nomura and Miyabi Aizawa. However, Urumi’s irregular attendance at school delays her formal introduction to the series until volume 7 of the manga and episode 16 of the anime adaptation.
Urumi’s troubled past, marked by her difficult experiences with teachers, contributes to her complex character. Her academic abilities and psychological problems make her a central figure in the story, as she becomes a catalyst for the development of the series’ protagonist, Eikichi Onizuka.


Urumi Kanzaki’s appearance in “Great Teacher Onizuka” is notable for her heterochromatic eyes, with one eye being brown and the other blue. This unique feature adds to her overall distinctive appearance. She is depicted with long, blonde hair, which is suggested to be an inherited trait from her biological father, who is believed to be an American scientific genius.


Urumi’s exceptional intelligence, with an IQ of over 200, allows her to excel in various academic disciplines. She shows a remarkable aptitude for mathematics, including complex subjects such as differential calculus. In addition, her linguistic abilities allow her to speak several languages fluently.
In addition to her academic abilities, Urumi displays exceptional creativity and problem-solving skills. She uses unconventional methods, such as constructing intricate illusions and deceptive traps, to challenge authority figures and manipulate situations to her advantage.


Urumi Kanzaki’s origin story in “Great Teacher Onizuka” is tied to her troubled past and the traumatic experiences she endured during her early education. Her intelligence is believed to have been inherited from her biological father, whom her mother chose as a sperm donor solely on the basis of his intellect. The manga suggests that her mother may have chosen an American scientific genius as her sperm donor.
Urumi’s challenging experiences with her elementary school teacher, Ms. Fujimori, played a pivotal role in shaping her personality and fueling her deep-seated resentment toward teachers. The revelation of her secret and the subsequent psychological trauma she experienced further solidified her negative perception of educators.
Urumi’s character arc in the series involves her personal growth and gradual transformation, influenced by her encounters with Eikichi Onizuka, the titular “Great Teacher”. Despite her troubled past and complex personality, Urumi becomes an integral part of the story, contributing to the overall narrative and the development of other characters.
(Note: The information provided is based on the character description available on MyAnimeList.net and the “Great Teacher Onizuka” series. Additional details can be found by consulting the sources provided or by further research).

Urumi Kanzaki – FAQ

Who is Urumi Kanzaki in “Great Teacher Onizuka”?

Urumi Kanzaki is a character in the manga and anime series “Great Teacher Onizuka” created by Tooru Fujisawa. She is a highly intelligent and manipulative student known for her exceptional academic abilities.

What are Urumi Kanzaki’s personality traits?

Urumi Kanzaki is characterized by her sharp intellect, cunning nature, and manipulative tendencies. She is often portrayed as aloof and detached, using her intelligence to manipulate those around her for her own amusement.

What is Urumi Kanzaki’s role in “Great Teacher Onizuka”?

Urumi Kanzaki plays an important role in the Great Teacher Onizuka series. She first appears as a troubled student who causes chaos in her school. Onizuka, the protagonist, accepts the challenge to become her teacher and help her overcome her problems.

What are some notable moments involving Urumi Kanzaki in the series?

Urumi Kanzaki is involved in several memorable moments in Great Teacher Onizuka. One notable moment is when she orchestrates an elaborate scheme to expose the hypocrisy of the school’s faculty. Another significant moment is when she forms a bond with Onizuka and begins to open up about her troubled past.

How does Urumi Kanzaki contribute to the overall story of “Great Teacher Onizuka”?

Urumi Kanzaki’s character arc in “Great Teacher Onizuka” contributes to the overall narrative by showing the impact a dedicated teacher like Onizuka can have on a troubled student. Through her interactions with Onizuka, Urumi learns valuable life lessons and undergoes personal growth.

Does Urumi Kanzaki have any redeeming qualities?

Despite her manipulative nature, Urumi Kanzaki does have some redeeming qualities. She is highly intelligent and has a deep understanding of human behavior. As the series progresses, Urumi’s character evolves and she begins to show vulnerability and compassion, making her more relatable to the audience.