Original Name (Japanese): プルー
Romaji Name: Purū
Nicknames: The Canis Minor, Nicola
Series: Groove Adventure Rave, Fairy Tail
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: About 3 feet (0.9 meters)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

Plue (“The Canis Minor, Nicola”)


Plue is a gentle and obedient Celestial Spirit who serves as a sweet companion to his owner, Lucy Heartfilia. He is very apologetic and quickly apologizes after accidentally hurting Lucy under the influence of Sherry’s magic. Plue enjoys sweets and has a close friendship with Happy, often teaming up with him to tease Lucy and Loke.

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Plue is a Silver Key Celestial Spirit with no actual combat abilities. He is usually kept as a pet by less powerful magicians, including Lucy. Plue’s key was originally sold for 20,000 jewels, but Lucy was able to purchase it for 19,000 jewels.


Plue is a stocky, white creature that resembles a snowman. He has a rounded head that is slightly too large for his body, and he is only about three feet tall. Despite his small size, Plue is known for his distinctive shaking motion.


As a celestial spirit, Plue can be summoned by his owner, Lucy, to provide companionship and support. However, he lacks any significant combat abilities, making him more of a pet than a fighter.


Plue first appeared in the manga series “Rave” by Hiro Mashima, where he was a supporting character. He later made the transition to the author’s other popular series, “Fairy Tail,” where he became a recurring character and Lucy’s Celestial Spirit companion.

Plue – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Plue from “Groove Adventure Rave”:

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Who is Plue?

Plue is a mysterious creature that appears throughout the Groove Adventure Rave series. He is a small, dog-like creature with a distinctive star-shaped nose and a seemingly cheerful demeanor.

What are Plue’s abilities?

Plue’s abilities are not fully understood, but he is shown to have some unusual powers. He can emit a soothing energy that has a calming effect on those around him, and he seems to have a connection to the spiritual realm. Plue has also demonstrated the ability to sense danger and warn his companions.

What is Plue’s relationship to the main characters?

Plue is often seen accompanying the series’ protagonist, Haru Glory, and his friends. He serves as a loyal companion and occasional guide, providing emotional support and moral guidance to the group. Plue’s presence is a comforting and stabilizing force amidst the chaos and danger they face.

Is Plue a sentient being?

The extent of Plue’s sentience is somewhat ambiguous. While he is able to express emotions and communicate in his own way, it’s unclear if he has the same level of self-awareness and cognitive abilities as the human characters. His true nature and origins remain a mystery throughout the series.

What is the meaning of Plue’s star-shaped nose?

Plue’s distinctive star-shaped nose is a key part of his design and is believed to be associated with his spiritual and mystical qualities. The star shape is often associated with celestial imagery and otherworldly forces, suggesting Plue’s potential connection to the supernatural or divine.

Does Plue appear in other works by the author?

Yes, Plue has appeared in other series created by “Groove Adventure Rave” author Hiro Mashima. He is a recurring character in Mashima’s other popular works, such as “Fairy Tail,” further cementing his status as a beloved and iconic character in the author’s vast fictional universe.