Sol Badguy

Original Name: ソル=バッドガイ
Romaji Name: Soru Baddogai
Nicknames: Sol, Frederick Bulsara
Series: Guilty Gear X
Age: Unknown
Weight: 163 lbs
Height: 6′
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: No clue

Sol Badguy – The fierce protagonist of Guilty Gear X

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Sol Badguy, the protagonist of Guilty Gear X, is known for his aloof and brash personality. He is an aggressive and short-tempered man who prefers to express himself through his aggressive behavior and attitude rather than words. Sol does not mince his words and only speaks when necessary. While some perceive him as selfish and violent, those closest to him accept him for who he is.


Rumors of an immensely skilled lone wolf bounty hunter had reached the ears of Kliff Undersn, the retired captain of the Holy Order of Holy Knights. Intrigued by the tales, Kliff sought out Sol Badguy and invited him to join the Order. Sol’s knighthood was short-lived, however. He fell out with Ky Kiske, a young master swordsman, and faced the hostility of the majority of the Knights. Seizing an opportunity, Sol left the Knights’ camp, taking with him one of the Order’s most valuable treasures, the blade known as the Fireseal. Five years later, Sol has returned to his former ways, driven by a singular purpose.


Sol Badguy cuts an imposing figure. He stands 6 feet tall and weighs 163 pounds. He has brown eyes and is known for his wild, flame-like red hair. Sol’s clothing reflects his rebellious nature, as he wears a black leather outfit with silver accents. His signature accessory is a wide belt emblazoned with the word “FREE” in bold letters. Sol’s intense and fierce demeanor is further accentuated by his overall appearance.


Sol Badguy is a formidable fighter with exceptional skills. He wields various weapons throughout the Guilty Gear series, including the Fireseal in Guilty Gear X. His weapon of choice in other installments includes the Junkyard Dog in GGXrd and the Outrage Mk.II in GGST. Sol is known for his aggressive play style, relying on rushdown tactics to overwhelm his opponents. His flame-based powers and fiery attacks make him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Sol’s combat skills, combined with his ingenious use of his chosen weapons, allow him to take down opponents with style and efficiency.


Sol Badguy’s origins are deeply intertwined with the world of Guilty Gear. While the specifics of his background remain shrouded in mystery, Sol’s journey as a bounty hunter and his quest to eliminate the Gears and their creator, That Man, form the core of his story. His encounters with Kliff Undersn, Ky Kiske, and other characters shape his path and influence his actions throughout the series. Sol’s relentless pursuit of his goals and unwavering determination make him a central figure in the Guilty Gear universe.

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Sol Badguy – FAQ

Who is Sol Badguy in Guilty Gear X?

Sol Badguy is one of the main characters in the Guilty Gear X series developed by Arc System Works. He is a powerful and enigmatic bounty hunter with a distinctive appearance and an arsenal of fiery attacks.

What are Sol Badguy’s special abilities?

Sol Badguy has several unique abilities. He can generate and control fire, allowing him to unleash devastating fire-based attacks. He also possesses superhuman strength and agility, making him a formidable fighter in close combat.

What is Sol Badguy’s backstory?

Sol Badguy’s true identity is Frederick Bulsara, a scientist who helped create the Gears, powerful biological weapons in the Guilty Gear universe. He later rebelled against his creators and became a bounty hunter, adopting the name Sol Badguy and hiding his true identity.

What is Sol Badguy’s fighting style?

Sol Badguy uses a unique fighting style called “Fireseal”. He incorporates fire-based attacks into his moveset, combining them with powerful punches and acrobatic maneuvers. His fighting style is aggressive and fast-paced, allowing him to overwhelm his opponents with speed and power.

What are Sol Badguy’s most notable moves or techniques?

Sol Badguy has several iconic moves and techniques, including “Gunflame,” which fires a burst of fiery projectiles at his opponent, “Volcanic Viper,” a powerful uppercut attack, and “Dragon Install,” a temporary power-up that enhances his abilities and allows him to perform more powerful attacks.

What is Sol Badguy’s role in the Guilty Gear X storyline?

Sol Badguy plays an important role in the Guilty Gear X storyline. He is one of the main protagonists and is often involved in the conflicts surrounding the Gears and the fate of humanity. His actions and motivations are central to the overarching narrative of the game.