Klein Moretti

Original Name クライン・モレッティ
Romaji Name Klein Moretti
Nicknames The Fool, The World, Sherlock Moriarty, Hero Bandit Black Emperor, Gehrman Sparrow, Se
Series Guimi Zhi Zhu
Age 22 (Chapter 734), 23 (Chapter 1324), 25 (Chapter 1324), 31 (Circle of Inevitability)
Weight N/A
Height 172 cm (Debut), 180 cm (Current)
Date of Birth March 4th
Blood Type N/A


Little Moretti from “Guimi Zhi Zhu”

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Klein Moretti, the main protagonist of “Guimi Zhi Zhu”, is portrayed as a cautious and good-natured individual. He has a sense of humor, politeness, maturity and gentlemanly behavior. Klein is fundamentally a lover of justice and is willing to do what is right, even at a personal cost. Although he has experienced numerous dangerous events and tragedies, he remains steadfast in his principles and upholds his own brand of justice when necessary, without implicating or targeting the innocent.


Little Moretti is a Beyonder of the Fool’s Path and the mysterious leader of the Tarot Club. He comes from the modern era as a transmigrator, bringing his unique perspective and knowledge to the world of “Guimi Zhi Zhu”. Klein’s past experiences and transmigration have shaped him into a seasoned individual who navigates various occupations, including nighthawk, fortune teller, private detective, adventurer, bounty hunter, merchant, arms dealer, wandering magician, and founder of the Tarot Club. His diverse background adds depth to his character and enhances his ability to handle challenging situations.


Little Moretti has a height of 172 cm in his debut, which later increases to 180 cm in the current timeline. He has a distinctive appearance that is often associated with his role as the main protagonist. While specific physical details may vary depending on the adaptation, Klein is generally portrayed as a charismatic and enigmatic figure. His appearance reflects his mature and dignified personality, which attracts the attention of allies and enemies alike.


As a Beyonder of the Fool’s Way, Little Moretti displays formidable abilities in “Guimi Zhi Zhu.” While the full extent of his powers may vary depending on the story’s progression and adaptations, Klein displays a wide range of abilities. These include his experience as a Nighthawk, a fortune teller, and a private investigator, all of which contribute to his investigative and problem-solving abilities. In addition, his experience as an adventurer, bounty hunter, and merchant gives him survival skills and business acumen. Klein’s skills as an arms dealer and wandering magician further enhance his martial and mystical abilities, making him a formidable force to be reckoned with.


Little Moretti’s origins lie in the modern era, from where he transmigrated into the world of “Guimi Zhi Zhu”. This transmigration gives him unique insights and knowledge that make him stand out among the characters of the story. Klein’s past experiences and his role as the mysterious leader of the Tarot Club, known as The Fool, shape his actions and decisions within the narrative. His status as a transmigrator adds depth and intrigue to his character as he navigates the challenges and mysteries of the world he finds himself in.

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Klein Moretti – FAQ

Who is Klein Moretti?

Little Moretti is a fictional character from the novel “Guimi Zhi Zhu”. He is a central character and plays an important role in the story.

What is Little Moretti’s background?

Little Moretti is a talented magician with a mysterious past. He possesses extraordinary magical abilities and is known for his expertise in manipulating elemental forces.

What are Little Moretti’s main motivations?

Little Moretti is driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to uncover the secrets of the magical world. He seeks to understand the nature of magic and its connection to the universe.

What is Klein Moretti’s role in “Guimi Zhi Zhu”?

Little Moretti is one of the main characters of the story. He embarks on a transformative journey, facing numerous challenges and uncovering hidden truths about the magical realm.

Does Little Moretti have any companions or allies?

Throughout his journey, Klein Moretti forms alliances with a diverse group of characters, each with their own unique abilities and backgrounds. Together they work towards a common goal.

What are some of Klein Moretti’s notable characteristics?

Little Moretti is known for his intelligence, resourcefulness, and determination. He has a keen analytical mind and often uses strategic thinking to overcome obstacles.