Sekai Kamiki

Original (Japanese) Name 世界神木
Romaji Name Sekai Kamiki
Nicknames N/A
Series World Spirit Chronicles
Age 17
Weight 52 kg
Height 165 cm
Date of Birth March 21
Blood Type O


Sekai Kamiki is described as having a personality similar to that of Domon Kasshu of Mobile Fighter G Gundam. He is a very straightforward and honest person, which can be both an asset and a weakness in Gunpla battles. Sekai doesn’t seem to have much interest in social activities, but is dedicated to honing his martial arts skills and using them in close combat with his Gunpla.


Sekai is a second year student who has transferred to Seiho Academy Middle School. He is a master of the Jigen Haoh school of martial arts, which he uses in his Gunpla battles.

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Sekai has short, spiky red hair and brown eyes. He is often seen in a school uniform, though he also wears martial arts training clothes when practicing his fighting techniques.


Sekai’s primary strength lies in his martial arts skills, which he applies to his Gunpla combat. He pilots melee-focused Gunpla such as the Build Burning Gundam and the Kamiki Burning Gundam, utilizing their melee weapons and powerful melee attacks.


Sekai Kamiki was introduced as one of the main protagonists in the anime series Gundam Build Fighters Try. He plays a central role in the series, representing the melee and martial arts aspects of Gunpla combat.

Sekai Kamiki – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Sekai Kamiki from “Gundam Build Fighters Try”:

Who is Sekai Kamiki?

Sekai Kamiki is the main character of the anime series Gundam Build Fighters Try. He is a Gunpla Battle fighter who joins the Try Fighters team and works to win the Gunpla Battle World Championship.

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What is Sekai’s Gunpla?

Sekai’s main Gunpla is the “Sengoku Astray”, a custom Gunpla based on the Astray frame that incorporates elements of historical Japanese samurai and mecha designs.

What is Sekai’s fighting style?

Sekai uses a fighting style that combines martial arts techniques with Gunpla combat strategies. He is known for his agile close combat and his ability to quickly analyze and exploit his opponent’s weaknesses.

What is Sekai’s background?

Sekai comes from a family of martial artists and originally had no interest in the Gunpla. However, after meeting Sei Iori, the protagonist of the original Gundam Build Fighters series, Sekai is inspired to take up Gunpla combat.

How does Sekai evolve over the course of the series?

Over the course of Gundam Build Fighters Try, Sekai grows from an inexperienced Gunpla fighter to a skilled and respected competitor. He learns to better control his impulsive nature, develops deeper bonds with his teammates, and ultimately proves himself worthy of competing on the world stage.

What is the relationship between Sekai and Yuuma Kousaka?

Yuuma Kousaka is Sekai’s main rival and teammate in the Try Fighters. The two have a friendly but competitive relationship, constantly challenging each other to become stronger Gunpla fighters.