Original Name ガリィ
Romaji Name Gally
Nicknames Alita, Yoko
Series Gunnm
Age Varies (depending on the story arc)
Weight Varies (depending on the story arc)
Height Varies (depending on the story arc)
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Gally from “Gunnm”: A Character Analysis


Gally, also known as Alita or Yoko, is a complex character with a multifaceted personality. Originally found as a decapitated head in the junkyard beneath the floating city of Tiphares, Gally is given a new body and raised by the hunter-warrior Daisuke Ido. Over the course of the series, she evolves from an amnesiac with no memory of her past into a determined and skilled warrior.
Gally has a strong sense of justice and a fierce determination to protect those she loves. She becomes a Hunter Warrior, participating in bounty hunting missions within the junkyard city. Her past as a cyborg martial artist is hinted at through her “tank art” skills, which she somehow remembers. Gally’s past trauma and struggle for self-discovery strongly shape her personality and drive her to uncover the truth about herself and her purpose.


Gally’s background is shrouded in mystery. She has no memory of her past, and her only connection to her former self is her extraordinary martial arts skills. As the series progresses, it becomes clear that Gally is caught in the conflict between the utopian society of Tiphares and the oppressed surface dwellers. Her journey involves the discovery of her true identity, which is intertwined with the larger narrative of the series.


Gally’s appearance is striking and distinctive. Her cyborg body combines both human and machine elements. She has a slender yet strong physique, reflecting her combat skills and agility. Gally’s eyes are captivating, often expressing determination and intensity. Her hair is typically portrayed as short and dark, adding to her overall mysterious and enigmatic aura.


Gally possesses formidable combat skills, thanks to her training in the martial art of “Armored Art.” This unique form of cyborg martial arts allows her to engage in high-speed combat, showcasing her agility, precision, and strength. Gally’s fighting skills allow her to navigate the dangerous and treacherous world of Scrapyard City with confidence, making her a formidable opponent to her enemies.


Gally’s origin is closely tied to the futuristic world depicted in Gunnm. As a cyborg found in the junkyard beneath Tiphares, her existence represents the fusion of advanced technology and the remnants of humanity. Her journey to discover her origins delves into the complex social and political landscape of the series, exploring themes of identity, societal divisions, and the consequences of technological advancement.

Gally – FAQ

Who is Gally in “Gunnm”?

Gally, also known as Alita, is the main protagonist of the manga series “Gunnm” created by Yukito Kishiro. She is a cyborg with a human brain who possesses exceptional fighting skills and a strong sense of justice.

What is Gally’s backstory?

Gally was originally found as a deactivated cyborg in the Scrapyard, a dystopian city where scavengers congregate. Dr. Dyson Ido, a cybernetic doctor, revived her and adopted her, giving her the name Alita. She gradually discovers her forgotten past and her true identity as a highly skilled warrior.

What are Gally’s skills and abilities?

Gally is a formidable fighter, trained in the martial art of Panzer Kunst. She possesses superhuman strength, agility, and reflexes, making her a skilled fighter both unarmed and with a variety of weapons. She also has the ability to analyze and copy the techniques of other fighters.

What is Gally’s role in the story?

Gally serves as the protagonist and central character in the Gunnm series. Her journey revolves around self-discovery as she explores her forgotten past, confronts powerful enemies, and fights for justice in the unforgiving world of the junkyard.

What is the relationship between Gally and Dr. Dyson Ido?

Dr. Dyson Ido is Gally’s adoptive father and mentor. He found her deactivated body and revived her, giving her a new lease on life. Throughout the series, Dr. Ido guides and supports Gally, often acting as her moral compass and source of wisdom.

Are there any movies based on Gally’s story?

Yes, Gally’s story has been adapted into various forms of media. The most notable adaptation is the 1993 original video animation (OVA) entitled “Battle Angel Alita”. In 2019, a live-action film adaptation titled “Alita: Battle Angel” was released, directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by James Cameron.