Ittetsu Takeda

Japanese Name 武田 一鉄
Romaji Name Ittetsu Takeda
Nicknames Take-chan
Series Haikyuu!!
Age 29
Weight 59.4 kg
Height 166.5 cm
Date of Birth January 10
Blood Type Unknown


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The dedicated faculty advisor of Karasuno High – Haikyuu!


Ittetsu Takeda, also known as “Take-chan”, is a character from the popular anime and manga series “Haikyuu!!”. Takeda is the faculty advisor and head coach of the Karasuno High boys’ volleyball club. Despite his lack of experience in volleyball, Takeda shows unwavering dedication and enthusiasm in his role. He is known for his bold and optimistic personality, always striving to support and motivate the team even in difficult situations. Takeda’s passion for the sport and his commitment to the success of the Karasuno team make him an invaluable asset to the club.


Takeda’s background in volleyball is relatively limited due to his inexperience in the sport. However, despite his lack of first-hand experience, Takeda’s love for the game led him to become the faculty advisor for the Karasuno High volleyball club. His dedication to the team is evident in his ongoing efforts to learn and understand the rules and intricacies of the sport. Takeda’s determination to support the team and provide them with the resources they need demonstrates his strong sense of responsibility and commitment.


Ittetsu Takeda has messy black hair and warm brown eyes. He wears glasses that add to his intelligent and studious appearance. Standing 166.5 cm tall and weighing 59.4 kg, Takeda has a lean and athletic build. While his physical appearance may not reflect the typical image of a volleyball player, his unwavering spirit and passion make up for any perceived shortcomings.


As the faculty advisor, Takeda’s primary role is not to directly participate in volleyball matches, but to provide guidance and support to the Karasuno High Boys Volleyball Club. While he may lack the technical skills of a professional player, Takeda makes up for it with his extensive knowledge of the game and his ability to motivate and inspire the team. He constantly strives to improve his understanding of volleyball and diligently takes notes to ensure that he can effectively coach the players.

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Ittetsu Takeda is a fictional character created by Haruichi Furudate for the “Haikyuu!!” series. The character first appeared in the manga and later gained popularity when the manga was adapted into an anime. Takeda’s role as the faculty advisor and head coach of the Karasuno High volleyball club demonstrates the importance of mentorship and support in achieving success. His character provides a relatable and inspiring figure for viewers and readers, emphasizing the importance of dedication and passion in pursuing one’s goals.

Ittetsu Takeda – FAQ

Who is Ittetsu Takeda?

Ittetsu Takeda is a character from the anime and manga series “Haikyuu! He is the former faculty advisor of the Karasuno High School boys’ volleyball team.

What is Ittetsu Takeda’s role in the series?

Ittetsu Takeda is the faculty advisor for the Karasuno High School boys’ volleyball team. He supports and guides the team by helping with administrative tasks, organizing matches, and providing advice and encouragement.

Is Ittetsu Takeda a coach?

No, Ittetsu Takeda is not a coach. He is the faculty advisor for the Karasuno High School boys’ volleyball team. Although he doesn’t have the technical knowledge and experience of a coach, he plays an important role in managing and supporting the team.

What are Ittetsu Takeda’s personality traits?

Ittetsu Takeda is known for being responsible, dedicated, and caring. He cares deeply about the success and well-being of the Karasuno volleyball team and often goes out of his way to support them. He is also known to be understanding and empathetic towards the players.

Does Ittetsu Takeda have any special skills?

No, Ittetsu Takeda does not have any special abilities. He doesn’t have the athletic ability or volleyball skills of the players on the team. However, his knowledge of administrative work and his dedication to the team make him an essential figure in their journey.

Does Ittetsu Takeda have any significant relationships with other characters?

Ittetsu Takeda has a positive and supportive relationship with the members of the Karasuno High School boys’ volleyball team. He often interacts with them, offering guidance, encouragement, and advice. He also has a close friendship with the team’s coach, Keishin Ukai.

What is Ittetsu Takeda’s role now that he has left Karasuno?

After leaving Karasuno High School, Ittetsu Takeda pursues a career as a teacher. He continues to support and follow the progress of the Karasuno volleyball team, attending their games and providing guidance whenever he can. He remains a trusted mentor and friend to the players.