Koushi Sugawara

Japanese Name 菅原 孝支
Romaji Name Koushi Sugawara
Nicknames Suga
Series Haikyuu!!
Age 17
Weight 63.5 kg (139 lbs)
Height 174.3 cm (5’8″)
Date of Birth June 13
Blood Type Unknown


Koushi Sugawara of Haikyuu!!

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Koushi Sugawara, often referred to as Suga, is a character from the popular sports anime and manga series Haikyuu!! As the vice captain of the Karasuno High School volleyball team, Sugawara has a calming personality and serves as a pillar of support for his teammates. Known for his ability to boost team morale, he remains dedicated to his role even after stepping down as Karasuno’s official setter. Sugawara’s determination and resilience make him an invaluable asset to the team.


Sugawara is a junior at Karasuno High School. Despite not being a starting member, he chose to continue his club activities, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to volleyball. When asked about his decision, Sugawara expressed his desire to have no regrets in the future. This dedication shows his deep love for the sport and his teammates.


Sugawara stands 174.3 cm (5’8″) tall and weighs 63.5 kg (139 lbs). His friendly and approachable demeanor makes him a likeable character. Sugawara has short, neatly styled black hair and warm, gentle eyes that reflect his caring nature.


Although not the team’s primary setter, Sugawara possesses excellent volleyball skills and a keen tactical mind. He is perceptive and observant, often noticing subtle details and patterns during matches. Sugawara’s intelligence allows him to come up with helpful tactics to help his team. He is credited with suggesting effective strategies, such as coordinating the combo plays between Kageyama and Hinata.


Koushi Sugawara is a fictional character created by Haruichi Furudate for the Haikyuu!! series. The character’s development and story are depicted in the manga and anime adaptations. Sugawara’s growth and contributions to the Karasuno High School volleyball team make him a beloved and significant character within the Haikyuu!! fandom.

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Koushi Sugawara – FAQ

Who is Koushi Sugawara in “Haikyuu!!”?

Koushi Sugawara is a fictional character in the anime and manga series “Haikyuu! He is a junior at Karasuno High School and the vice captain and setter of the Karasuno High boys’ volleyball team.

What are Koushi Sugawara’s special characteristics?

Koushi Sugawara is known for his strategic thinking and excellent observation skills. He has a calm and collected demeanor and often provides valuable insight and advice to his teammates during matches. Sugawara is also known for his exceptional serving skills and his ability to adapt to different match situations.

What is Koushi Sugawara’s role on the Karasuno High team?

Sugawara is the vice captain and setter of the Karasuno High boys volleyball team. As a setter, he is responsible for orchestrating the team’s offense by delivering accurate passes to his teammates, allowing them to execute powerful attacks. In addition, Sugawara provides leadership and support to his teammates both on and off the court.

Does Koushi Sugawara have any special techniques or signature moves?

While Sugawara is not known for any specific signature moves, he is very skilled at setting and has a wide range of techniques. He uses a variety of sets, including quick sets, back sets, and dumps, to keep the opposing team guessing and create scoring opportunities for his teammates.

What is Koushi Sugawara’s relationship to the other characters?

Sugawara has a close bond with his teammates and is well respected by them. He has a particularly strong friendship with the main protagonist, Shoyo Hinata, and often offers him advice and support. Sugawara also has a close relationship with fellow setter Tobio Kageyama, and the two work together to improve the team’s performance.

Does Koushi Sugawara have any character development over the course of the series?

Yes, Sugawara undergoes considerable character development throughout the “Haikyuu!” series. He starts out as the main setter, but later steps back to support the team’s new setter, Kageyama. Despite this change, Sugawara maintains a positive attitude and continues to contribute to the team’s success. His determination and selflessness make him an integral part of Karasuno High’s journey.