Lev Haiba

Original Name 灰羽 リエーフ
Romaji Name Haiba Riēfu
Nicknames Lev
Series Haikyuu!! Lev Genzan!
Age 15
Weight 79.7 kg
Height 194 cm
Date of Birth October 30th
Blood Type Unknown


Lev Haiba, a character from “Haikyuu!! Lev Genzan!”, has a unique and vivid personality. He is characterized as being quite childish and cheerful, often displaying a playful attitude towards most things. Lev’s appearance, with his piercing eyes, may lead others to believe that he is intimidating and serious, but in reality he is much more light-hearted. Although he can be blunt, Lev never intends to cause harm and is generally seen as a good and honest guy by his teammates, especially Kenma.
Lev is shown to be enthusiastic about spiking and gets excited easily. His competitive nature comes out when he interacts with people who pique his interest. Despite his initial inexperience in volleyball, as he began playing in high school, Lev possesses natural physical skills, intuition, and impressive height that make him a formidable middle blocker. He proudly declares himself an ace, defying the traditional role of a middle blocker.

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Lev Haiba’s background reveals an interesting mix of cultural heritage. He is half Russian and half Japanese, but claims he doesn’t speak Russian because he was born and raised in Japan. Lev’s name translates to “lion” in Russian, adding a touch of symbolism to his character. He entered Nekoma High School as a freshman and became a member of the volleyball team.
During the first match between Karasuno and Nekoma, Lev was not part of the team due to his rookie status. However, his natural athleticism and size quickly caught the attention of his teammates and opponents alike. Lev’s volleyball journey began in high school, where he spent most of his time on the bench while honing his skills and gaining experience.


Lev Haiba’s physical appearance is striking. He stands an impressive 194 cm tall, which makes him stand out on the volleyball court. Lev’s long limbs and arms contribute to his exceptional reach, a valuable asset for a middle blocker. He has neatly parted light gray hair and distinct, slanted green eyes that give him a cat-like appearance. Lev’s overall appearance, combined with his confident demeanor, contributes to the initial impression that he is a formidable and imposing presence.


Lev Haiba possesses a number of remarkable skills that make him a valuable asset to the Nekoma High School volleyball team. His natural physical talent, intuitive instincts, and towering height allow him to excel as a middle blocker. Lev’s exceptional reach allows him to effectively block and spike, contributing to the team’s defensive and offensive strategies.
Despite his initial lack of experience, Lev’s enthusiasm for spiking and his competitive nature drive him to continually improve. With each match and practice session, he refines his skills and hones his techniques, gradually becoming a more formidable player on the court. Lev’s declaration that he is an ace middle blocker shows his ambitious and determined attitude.


Lev Haiba is from the anime and manga series “Haikyuu!! Lev Genzan!” He is a fictional character created by Haruichi Furudate. Lev’s story unfolds within the context of the Nekoma High School volleyball team’s journey as they compete against various rivals and strive to reach new heights in the sport. Lev’s unique background, personality, and skills contribute to the series’ dynamic narrative and add depth to the overall story.

Lev Haiba – FAQ

Who is Lev Haiba?

Lev Haiba is a character from the anime and manga series “Haikyuu! He is a middle blocker and a member of the Nekoma High School volleyball team.

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What is Lev Haiba’s playing style?

Lev Haiba is a very athletic player with excellent leaping ability. His style of play focuses on blocking and spiking, making him a formidable middle blocker. He is also known for his height and ability to make quick adjustments in the air.

How tall is Lev Haiba?

Lev Haiba is a tall character, standing at approximately 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm). His height gives him an advantage in blocking and spiking in volleyball matches.

What is Lev Haiba’s personality like?

Lev Haiba is portrayed as a straightforward and energetic individual. He has a somewhat naive and innocent demeanor, often taking things literally and lacking awareness of social cues. Despite his occasional cluelessness, he is determined and passionate about volleyball.

Does Lev Haiba have any special skills or abilities?

Yes, Lev Haiba has a special ability called “Levitation Jump”. This ability allows him to jump exceptionally high and adjust his position in the air to effectively block or spike the ball. His athleticism and quick reflexes make him a valuable asset to the Nekoma team.

What is Lev Haiba’s relationship to the other characters?

Lev Haiba is a member of the Nekoma High School volleyball team, and he shares a close bond with his teammates. He looks up to the team captain, Kuroo Tetsuro, and often seeks advice from him. Lev also has a friendly rivalry with Hinata Shoyo from the Karasuno High School team.

Will Lev Haiba appear in the later seasons of “Haikyuu!!”?

Yes, Lev Haiba continues to appear in the later seasons of “Haikyuu!!”. His character development and growth as a volleyball player will be further explored as the series progresses.