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Haikyuu!! Second Season

Hitoka Yachi

Original Name 谷地 仁花 Romaji Name Yachi Hitoka Nicknames None Series Haikyuu!! Second Season Age 15 Weight 42.5 kg (93.6 lbs) Height 149.7 cm (4′ 10.5″) Date of Birth September 4 Blood Type Unknown Hitoka Yachi The Dedicated Manager – Haikyuu!! second season Personality Hitoka Yachi, a character from the anime series “Haikyuu!! second season”, […]

Keiji Akaashi

Japanese Name 赤葦 京治 Romaji Name Akaashi Keiji Nicknames None Series Haikyuu!! Age Unknown Weight 70.7 kg Height 182.3 cm Date of Birth December 5 Blood Type Unknown Keiji Akaashi from “Haikyuu!! Second Season”: A closer look at the vice captain and setter Personality Keiji Akaashi is a character known for his calm and collected […]