Akinori Konoha

Original Name (Japanese): 木葉 秋紀
Romanized Name: Konoha Akinori
Series: Haikyū!!
Age: 17
Weight: 65.9 kg (145.2 lbs)
Height: 178.8 cm (5’10”)
Date of Birth: September 30
Blood Type:
Position: Wing Spiker
Team: Fukurōdani Academy (High School)
Ehrgeiz Pharma Volleyball Club (Professional)
Number: 7
Favorite Food: Tatsuta age fried chicken
Current Concern: He’s started to get the feeling that if you look at Bokuto’s stupidity from a slightly different angle it’s actually kinda genius and that pisses him off.


Akinori Konoha is a third year student at Fukurōdani Academy and a wing spiker for the boys’ volleyball team. He is known for his sarcastic and irritable personality, often making snide comments to his teammates, especially the team’s star player, Kōtarō Bokuto. Despite his disgruntled attitude, however, Konoha is a loyal and supportive teammate who cares deeply about his team’s success.


After graduating from high school, Konoha became an employee of a pharmaceutical company in Tokyo and is an outside hitter for the Ehrgeiz Pharma Volleyball Club. During his time with Fukurōdani, he played an important role as a skilled wing spiker and secondary setter, often filling in for the team’s main setter, Keiji Akaashi.

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Konoha has short, dark brown hair and bright yellow eyes. He is of average height and build for a volleyball player, standing at 178.8 cm (5’10”) and weighing 65.9 kg (145.2 lbs). His jersey number is 7.


Konoha is a versatile player with strong technical skills. His most notable skill is his setting, which allows him to serve as an excellent secondary setter when Akaashi is occupied. In addition, Konoha has impressive jumping and speed abilities, making him an effective wing spiker.


Konoha is a character from the popular sports anime and manga series “Haikyū!!”. He is introduced in the second season of the anime and plays a supporting role throughout the series.

Akinori Konoha – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Akinori Konoha from “Haikyuu!! second season”:

What position does Konoha play on the volleyball team of the Fukurodani Academy?

Konoha plays the position of Wing Spiker on the Fukurodani Academy volleyball team.

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What are Konoha’s playing styles and strengths?

Konoha is known for his well-rounded skills and versatility on the court. He is a solid all-around player who excels at receiving, serving, and spiking. Konoha also has good timing and decision-making skills that allow him to adapt to different match situations.

What is Konoha’s relationship like with his teammates, especially Bokuto Koutarou?

Konoha has a close friendship with his teammate Bokuto Koutarou, who is the ace and captain of the Fukurodani team. Konoha is often seen scolding or calming the emotional Bokuto, and the two have a very comfortable, brotherly dynamic.

How does Konoha contribute to Fukurodani’s success in the Interhigh and Spring High tournaments?

As a reliable and consistent player, Konoha contributes greatly to Fukurodani’s strong performances in the Interhigh and Spring High volleyball tournaments. His steady play and timely contributions help the team maintain a high level of performance throughout the competitions.

How is Konoha doing academically and what are her plans for the future?

In addition to his volleyball skills, Konoha is also an exemplary student with an excellent academic record. He is consistently one of the top students in his class and is considering pursuing a career that combines his interests in both academics and sports after high school.

How does Konoha’s personality and leadership style differ from Bokuto’s?

While Bokuto is known for his emotional and energetic personality, Konoha is more level-headed and calm. He often acts as a stabilizing force for the team, providing guidance and support to his more excitable teammates. Konoha’s leadership style emphasizes teamwork, discipline, and staying calm under pressure.