Genji Kamogawa

Original Name 鴨川源二
Romaji Name Kamogawa Genji
Nicknames Coach Kamogawa
Series Hajime no Ippo
Age Depends on storyline progression
Weight Class Bantamweight (115 to 118 Pounds Weight Limit)
Height Depends on storyline progression
Date of Birth January 15, 1917
Blood Type Unknown

Genji Kamogawa of Hajime no Ippo

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Genji Kamogawa, a prominent character in the anime and manga series Hajime no Ippo, has a multifaceted personality that greatly influences the story. As the head coach of the Kamogawa Boxing Gym, Kamogawa is known for his strictness and high expectations of his students. He pushes them to their limits and expects nothing less than their best. Despite his tough demeanor, Kamogawa genuinely cares about the welfare of his fighters. Though he may not always express it openly, he forms strong bonds with each of his trainees based on trust and mutual respect. Kamogawa’s dedication to boxing is unwavering, and he instills a deep sense of discipline and perseverance in those under his tutelage.


Born on January 15, 1917 in Tokyo, Japan, Genji Kamogawa has a rich history in the world of boxing. After serving as a prizefighter in Japan following World War II, Kamogawa founded the Kamogawa Boxing Gym. Throughout his career, he traded blows with renowned prizefighter Nekota Ginpachi and developed a close friendship with fellow fighter and future trainer Hama Dankichi. Kamogawa’s pride in his country was evident during the American occupation of Japan when he refused to accept food rations. He later trained several notable boxers, including Takamura Mamoru and Makunouchi Ippo, who became his most prominent pupils.


Genji Kamogawa is depicted as an older man with a robust physique. Despite his age, he maintains a strong presence and exudes an aura of authority. With his graying hair and stern expression, Kamogawa’s appearance reflects his experience and wisdom in the world of boxing. He often dresses in traditional boxing attire, wearing gloves and the emblem of the Kamogawa Boxing Gym.


As a former prizefighter and head coach of the Kamogawa Boxing Gym, Genji Kamogawa possesses exceptional boxing knowledge and skills. Throughout the series, he demonstrates a keen understanding of the sport and provides his trainees with strategic advice that often leads to turnarounds in their fights. Kamogawa specializes in feints and powerful strikes, such as his signature move, Tekken, also known as the Iron Fist, which involves bone-crushing body blows. His ability to analyze opponents and develop effective strategies contributes greatly to the success of his fighters.


Genji Kamogawa originated in the fictional world of Hajime no Ippo, a popular boxing manga and anime series created by George Morikawa. Introduced as the head coach and founder of the Kamogawa Boxing Gym, Kamogawa plays a significant role in shaping the narrative and development of the main protagonist, Makunouchi Ippo. His character embodies the spirit of a seasoned boxer and dedicated coach, providing guidance, inspiration, and tough love to the aspiring fighters under his tutelage.

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Genji Kamogawa – FAQ

Who is Genji Kamogawa in “Hajime no Ippo”?

Genji Kamogawa is a fictional character in the manga and anime series “Hajime no Ippo”. He is the founder and owner of the Kamogawa Boxing Gym, where the main protagonist, Ippo Makunouchi, trains to become a professional boxer.

What is Genji Kamogawa’s role in the series?

Genji Kamogawa serves as a mentor and coach to Ippo Makunouchi and other boxers at the Kamogawa Boxing Gym. He plays a crucial role in guiding and training Ippo, helping him develop his boxing skills, and providing valuable advice and support throughout his boxing journey.

What are Genji Kamogawa’s special characteristics?

Genji Kamogawa is known for his strict and disciplined approach to boxing training. He is a seasoned and experienced coach with a deep understanding of the sport. Kamogawa is also portrayed as a wise and insightful character, often offering profound words of wisdom to his boxers.

Was Genji Kamogawa a boxer himself?

Yes, Genji Kamogawa was a professional boxer in his youth. He had a successful career and even became the featherweight champion of Japan. After retiring from boxing, he founded the Kamogawa Boxing Gym to pass on his knowledge and train future generations of boxers.

What is the relationship between Genji Kamogawa and Ippo Makunouchi?

Genji Kamogawa is a father figure and mentor to Ippo Makunouchi. He takes Ippo under his wing, recognizing his potential and guiding him to become a skilled boxer. Their relationship is one of mutual respect, trust, and a strong bond forged through their shared passion for boxing.

Does Genji Kamogawa have any significant achievements as a trainer?

As a trainer, Genji Kamogawa has produced several successful boxers who have reached great heights in their careers. His most notable protégé is Ippo Makunouchi, who went on to become a highly regarded professional boxer. Kamogawa’s coaching skills and guidance are widely recognized within the series.