Takeshi Sendo

Japanese Name 千堂 武士
Romaji Name Takeshi Sendo
Nicknames “Rocky”, “Naniwa Tiger”
Series Hajime no Ippo
Age Not specified
Weight Class Featherweight (126 Pounds Weight Limit)
Height 167.5 cm (5’5″)
Date of Birth May 5, 1972
Blood Type Not specified
Occupation Professional Boxer, Marketplace Owner (with grandmother)
Current Affiliation Naniwa Kentou-kai
Trainer Yanaoka
Signature Blows/Speciality/Techniques The Smash or Three Quarter Uppercut, Knuckle Drop, Clenched Fist, “New” Smash
Background Tragic loss of his father who was a firefighter. Former delinquent who protected innocents from other gangs.
Personality Determined, hot-blooded, confrontational
Rival Makunouchi Ippo


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The feisty featherweight from “Hajime no Ippo”.


Takeshi Sendo, also known as “Rocky” or “Naniwa Tiger”, is a determined and hot-blooded character in the popular sports anime and manga series “Hajime no Ippo”. Sendo possesses a fiery and competitive spirit and is always looking for challenging opponents to test his mettle in the boxing ring. Known for his audacity, he often displays a brash and confrontational attitude toward his opponents.


Sendo hails from Japan, specifically the city of Osaka. His father, a firefighter, was tragically killed while saving a child. Inspired by his father’s bravery, Sendo strives to be as strong and courageous as his father. Growing up, Sendo was known for his delinquent behavior, leading his own gang on the streets. However, it is revealed that he used his gang to protect innocent civilians from other delinquent groups. Sendo also runs a marketplace with his grandmother.


Takeshi Sendo has a pronounced and muscular physique, befitting his role as a professional boxer. He stands 167.5 cm (5’5″) tall and has a well-toned physique. Sendo’s most striking feature is his wild and untamed black hair, which adds to his fierce and intimidating presence. His eyes are piercing and determined, reflecting his unwavering determination to succeed in the world of boxing.


An in-fighter with a brawling style, Sendo relies on raw power and aggressive striking to overwhelm his opponents. His signature move is the Smash, a devastating uppercut that he delivers with great power and precision. Sendo has developed variations of the Smash such as the Low Smash, the Deadly Smash, the Southpaw Smash, and the “New” Smash. In addition to the Smash, he is also proficient in the Knuckle Drop and Clenched Fist techniques.

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Sendo’s journey into the world of professional boxing began when he watched a tape of Makunouchi Ippo’s impressive knockout victory. Inspired by Ippo’s skills, Sendo travels to Tokyo to challenge him to a match. Although their first meeting is postponed due to Ippo’s injury, Sendo remains determined to face him in the ring. As the series progresses, Sendo becomes Ippo’s main rival, and the two engage in memorable matches that showcase their respective strengths and determination.

Takeshi Sendo – FAQ

Who is Takeshi Sendo?

Takeshi Sendo is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Hajime no Ippo” created by George Morikawa. He is a professional boxer who competes in the featherweight division.

What are Takeshi Sendo’s special characteristics as a boxer?

Takeshi Sendo is known for his incredible punching power and aggressive fighting style. He possesses a devastating right straight punch that he has dubbed the “Smash”. Sendo’s relentless aggression and willingness to take risks make him an exciting and dangerous opponent.

What is Takeshi Sendo’s background and boxing career?

Takeshi Sendo was born in Osaka, Japan. He began boxing in high school and quickly gained recognition for his power and toughness. Sendo turned professional after high school and steadily climbed the ranks in the featherweight division. Throughout his career, he has faced several formidable opponents and engaged in exciting fights.

What is Takeshi Sendo’s relationship with the main character, Ippo Makunouchi?

Takeshi Sendo and Ippo Makunouchi have a rivalry that is a central plot point in “Hajime no Ippo”. They first meet in a sparring session when Sendo challenges Ippo, impressed by his reputation as a strong boxer. Their intense fights and shared determination to become the best in their weight class create a deep respect between them.

Has Takeshi Sendo won any championships?

Yes, Takeshi Sendo won several championships during his boxing career. He first wins the Japanese featherweight title, but later relinquishes it to pursue international competition. Sendo becomes the WBC Asian champion and eventually challenges for the world featherweight title.

What are some of Takeshi Sendo’s most memorable fights?

Takeshi Sendo was involved in several memorable fights during the “Hajime no Ippo” series. Some of his most notable fights include his bouts with Ippo Makunouchi, Alfredo Gonzales, and Ricardo Martinez, the reigning featherweight champion of the world. These fights showcase Sendo’s determination, resilience, and ability to push himself beyond his limits.