Souji Okita

Japanese Name 沖田 総司
Romaji Name Okita Souji
Series Hakuouki
Date of Birth
Blood Type


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The enigmatic samurai of “Hakuouki


Souji Okita, a main character in the anime and manga series “Hakuouki”, is known for his distinct personality traits. He has a laid-back and nonchalant demeanor, often displaying a mischievous and teasing nature toward his comrades, especially Hijikata. Okita’s playful banter with Hijikata occasionally irritates the latter, creating an amusing dynamic between the two. Despite his teasing nature, Okita shares a special bond with Hijikata, forged through their shared experiences as members of the Shinsengumi.


In the world of “Hakuouki,” Okita serves as the captain of the first regiment of the Shinsengumi, a renowned special police force in Kyoto during the late shogunate period. Recognized as one of the most skilled swordsmen in the Shinsengumi, he has earned a reputation for his exceptional combat skills. Okita’s devotion and loyalty to the Shinsengumi is evident, as he has been a member of the organization for quite some time.


With his striking appearance, Souji Okita stands out among the characters of “Hakuouki”. He has long, black hair, typically tied back in a ponytail, which complements his youthful and charming features. Okita is dressed in the traditional Shinsengumi uniform, which combines historical authenticity with unique design elements. His distinctive appearance, coupled with his engaging personality, contributes to his popularity among fans of the series.


Okita’s exceptional swordsmanship is his most notable attribute. Considered one of the finest swordsmen in the Shinsengumi, he wields his blade with precision and grace. His mastery of the sword allows him to deliver swift and deadly strikes, making him a formidable opponent in battle. Okita’s fighting skills are often displayed during intense confrontations, where he demonstrates his agility, speed, and strategic thinking.

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Souji Okita’s character is inspired by the historical figure of the same name. In reality, Okita Sōji was a samurai who served as the captain of the first unit of the Shinsengumi during the late shogunate period in Kyoto. While some aspects of Okita’s portrayal in “Hakuouki” may be fictionalized or embellished for storytelling purposes, his historical background provides the basis for his character development.


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Souji Okita – FAQ

Who is Souji Okita?

Souji Okita is a fictional character in the visual novel and anime series “Hakuouki”. He is based on the historical figure of the same name who was a captain of the Shinsengumi, a special police force in 19th century Japan.

What is Souji Okita’s role in “Hakuouki”?

In “Hakuouki,” Souji Okita is one of the main characters and a member of the Shinsengumi. He is portrayed as a skilled swordsman with a playful and mischievous personality. Okita’s character arc includes his loyalty to the Shinsengumi and his struggle with a life-threatening illness.

What are Souji Okita’s most notable traits and characteristics?

Souji Okita is often portrayed as a skilled and fearsome swordsman known for his exceptional speed and agility. He has a playful and teasing personality, often engaging in banter with his comrades. Okita is also known for his loyalty to the Shinsengumi and his willingness to protect his friends.

Does Souji Okita have a romantic storyline in “Hakuouki”?

Yes, Souji Okita has a romantic storyline in “Hakuouki”. Depending on the version of the game or anime adaptation, players/viewers can explore romantic relationships between Okita and the protagonist or other characters in the series.

What is the significance of Souji Okita’s illness?

In “Hakuouki,” Souji Okita is portrayed as suffering from tuberculosis, which significantly affects his health and ultimately leads to his tragic fate. His illness serves as a source of internal conflict and adds depth to his character’s story.

Is Souji Okita’s character historically accurate?

Souji Okita’s character in “Hakuouki” is based on the historical figure of the same name, who was a captain in the Shinsengumi. However, like many characters in historically based fiction, the portrayal of Okita in the game and anime series may take artistic liberties and embellishments for storytelling purposes.