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Hamatora The Animation


Original Name: レシオ Romaji Name: Ratio Nicknames: None Series: Hamatora The Animation Age: Unknown Weight: Unknown Height: Unknown Date of Birth: Unknown Blood Type: Unknown Title Ratio from “Hamatora The Animation”: A Character Analysis Personality Ratio, a character from the anime series “Hamatora The Animation”, has a unique and fascinating personality. He is portrayed as […]


Original Name バースデイ Romaji Name Bāsudei Nicknames Series Hamatora The Animation Age 23 Weight 65 kg Height 174 cm Date of Birth June 13 Blood Type Unknown Personality Birthday, a character from “Hamatora The Animation”, is portrayed as a carefree and easy-going individual. He has an aloof personality and tends to maintain a relaxed attitude […]


Japanese Name アート Romaji Name Āto Nicknames None Series Hamatora The Animation Age Unknown Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Art – The Mysterious Protagonist of “Hamatora The Animation Personality Art, a character from the anime series “Hamatora The Animation,” is portrayed as a calm and collected individual with a […]


Original Name ナイス Romaji Name Nice Nicknames – Series Hamatora The Animation Age – Weight – Height – Date of Birth – Blood Type – Nice (Hamatora The Animation) – A dynamic character with unique abilities Personality Nice, also known as Narasaki, is a key character in the anime series “Hamatora The Animation”. He has […]