Hak Lung

Original Name (Japanese): 白龍 温
Romanized Name: Hakuron Uon
Nicknames: Li Chien Wong, “Black Dragon”
Series: Haou♥Airen
Age: 18
Weight: Not specified
Height: Not specified
Date of Birth: Not specified
Blood Type: Not specified


Hak Lung is described as a notorious gangster and leader of the Dragon King Organization based in Hong Kong. Despite his mature and intimidating persona, he is actually only 18 years old and attends a school set up by his organization. He is known as a notorious playboy who has slept with countless women and is rumored to “dispose” of his mistresses when they are no longer useful to him. However, after being rescued by Kurumi Akino, he develops genuine feelings for her and begins to change, acting gently and kindly towards her, even going so far as to call her his “airen” or lover.


Hak Lung’s tragic childhood was marked by royal succession disputes and the death of his mother. He was raised by a strict man who influenced him to join the mafia world. This man gave him his new name, “Hak Lung,” which means “black dragon” in Cantonese.

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Hak Lung has a mature and imposing appearance that belies his young age of 18. He is described as having a muscular build and a cold, intimidating demeanor.


As the leader of the Dragon King Organization, Hak Lung is likely a skilled and powerful individual capable of commanding a formidable criminal organization. However, specific details of his abilities are not known.


Hak Lung originates from the manga series “Haou♥Airen” by Mayu Shinjou. He is a central character who plays an important role in the story, especially in his relationship with the protagonist, Kurumi Akino.

Hak Lung – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Hak Lung from “Haou♥Airen”:

Who is Hak Lung?

Hak Lung is one of the main characters of the manga series “Haou♥Airen”. He is the leader of the Hak Clan, a powerful yakuza group. Despite his ruthless reputation, Hak Lung is deeply devoted to the female protagonist, Ai Lin, and will go to great lengths to protect her.

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What is Hak Lung’s background?

Hak Lung was born into the Hak Clan, a prominent yakuza family. He was groomed from a young age to take over the family business and became a skilled fighter and negotiator. He is known for his cunning and ruthless tactics in the criminal underworld.

How does Hak Lung’s relationship with Ai Lin develop?

Hak Lung first meets Ai Lin when she is hired as a maid in his mansion. At first, he sees her as a pawn to be used for his own purposes. Over time, however, he becomes deeply infatuated with Ai Lin and develops genuine feelings for her. Their relationship is complicated by their very different backgrounds and the dangerous world in which Hak Lung lives.

What are Hak Lung’s strengths and weaknesses?

Hak Lung is an extremely capable and powerful individual. He is a skilled fighter, strategist, and negotiator, and he commands a vast criminal empire. However, his love for Ai Lin is also his greatest weakness, as it makes him vulnerable and willing to put his own desires and needs aside for her sake.

How does Hak Lung’s role in the story develop?

As the series progresses, Hak Lung’s role becomes increasingly pivotal as he navigates the dangerous world of the yakuza while trying to protect Ai Lin. He is forced to make difficult choices that challenge his loyalty to his clan and his love for Ai Lin, leading to dramatic and intense conflicts.

What is Hak Lung’s relationship to the other characters?

Hak Lung has a complex and often strained relationship with the other characters in the series. He is respected and feared by his yakuza underlings, but distrusted by law enforcement and rival gangs. His relationship with Ai Lin’s childhood friend, Hua Hua, is particularly contentious, as Hua Hua is deeply suspicious of Hak Lung’s motives and influence over Ai Lin.