Hinagiku Katsura

Japanese Name: 桂ヒナギク
Romaji Name: Katsura Hinagiku
Nicknames: Hina, Muteki-senpai, Hinaemon
Series: Hayate no Gotoku!
Age: 15-16
Weight: 45 kg
Height: 161 cm
Date of Birth: March 3
Blood Type: O


Hinagiku Katsura, a character from the anime and manga series “Hayate no Gotoku!”, is known for her strong and versatile personality. She is portrayed as a confident and capable individual who takes on various leadership roles. As the current Student Council President and President of the Kendo Club at Hakuou Academy, Hinagiku displays traits of determination, responsibility, and a strong sense of justice.
Despite her outward strength, Hinagiku has a softer side. She is shown to be kindhearted and caring towards her friends and those in need. Her loyalty and compassion are evident in her interactions with the main protagonist, Hayate, as she supports him and becomes a reliable ally throughout the series. Hinagiku’s complex personality adds depth to her character, making her relatable and endearing to the audience.


Hinagiku Katsura has a compelling backstory that contributes to her development as a character. She and her sister were abandoned by their biological parents, leaving them with a heavy debt. It was her sister, Yukiji, who was able to repay the debt, and they eventually found a new home with the Katsura family.
This difficult past has shaped Hinagiku’s resilience and independence. It has also fostered a deep sense of empathy and understanding, allowing her to connect with others who have faced similar hardships. The challenges she has overcome have made her determined and driven to succeed in her endeavors.


Hinagiku Katsura is depicted as a striking young woman with a distinctive appearance. She has long, silky pink hair that falls gracefully around her shoulders. Her expressive eyes, usually depicted in a vivid shade of blue, add to her overall charm. Standing at 161 cm and weighing 45 kg, Hinagiku has a slender and graceful physique.
Her fashion sense is often described as stylish and refined, befitting her role as Student Council President. Hinagiku’s appearance complements her strong and confident demeanor, making her a visually memorable character in the series.


Hinagiku excels in a variety of fields, demonstrating her diverse abilities. As the president of the Kendo Club, she is a highly skilled swordswoman who demonstrates an exceptional ability in Kendo. Her expertise in this martial art is due to her discipline, determination, and years of practice.
In addition to her mastery of Kendo, Hinagiku possesses leadership qualities that enable her to effectively guide and inspire others. Her charisma and organizational skills are evident in her role as Student Council President, where she demonstrates her ability to manage and coordinate various tasks.


Hinagiku Katsura is from the anime and manga series “Hayate no Gotoku!” created by Kenjiro Hata. The series follows the life of Hayate Ayasaki, a young boy who becomes a butler to pay off his family’s debts. Hinagiku plays an important role in the series as a main character and one of Hayate’s closest friends.
Her character development, complex personality, and compelling storylines have made her a fan favorite among viewers and readers of the series. Hinagiku’s journey, from her troubled past to her growth as a confident and compassionate individual, adds depth and intrigue to the overall narrative of Hayate no Gotoku!


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Hinagiku Katsura – FAQ

Who is Hinagiku Katsura?

Hinagiku Katsura is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Hayate no Gotoku! She is one of the main characters and plays an important role in the story.

What is Hinagiku’s personality like?

Hinagiku is known for being strong-willed and independent. She is intelligent, athletic, and often takes on leadership roles. Despite her tough exterior, she has a caring and compassionate side, especially towards her friends.

What are Hinagiku’s special skills or talents?

Hinagiku is highly skilled in Kendo, a Japanese martial art that involves sword fighting. She is considered one of the best Kendo practitioners at the Hakuō Academy, where the story takes place. She is also academically gifted and excels in her studies.

What is Hinagiku’s relationship to the main character, Hayate Ayasaki?

Hinagiku develops a close friendship with Hayate Ayasaki, the protagonist of the series. She initially has a crush on him, but struggles to come to terms with her feelings. As the story progresses, their relationship evolves and they support each other through various challenges.

Does Hinagiku have any special hobbies or interests?

Aside from her devotion to Kendo, Hinagiku is also an accomplished piano player. She enjoys music and often finds solace in playing the instrument. She also has a love for cats, and her pet cat named Tama can often be seen accompanying her.

How does Hinagiku contribute to the overall story of Hayate no Gotoku!

Hinagiku’s character plays an important role in the series. She is a member of the student council at Hakuō Academy and is admired by her peers for her strong leadership skills. Her interactions with Hayate and other characters add emotional depth and plot development.