Izumi Segawa

Japanese Name 瀬川 泉
Romaji Name Segawa Izumi
Nicknames The Three Idiots
Series Hayate no Gotoku!
Age 16
Weight 44 kg
Height 157 cm
Date of Birth June 21
Blood Type A


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The multifaceted character from “Hayate no Gotoku!”


Izumi Segawa, a character from the popular anime and manga series “Hayate no Gotoku!” is known for her unique and multifaceted personality. She is portrayed as the president of her class and the student representative at Hakuo Academy. Izumi has a friendly and kind demeanor that makes her popular among her peers. She is often seen interacting with her friends Risa and Miki, and they are collectively referred to as the “Three Idiots” by their teacher, Yukiji.


Izumi Segawa comes from a fraternal twin sibling relationship with her older brother Kotetsu Segawa. In her childhood, Izumi experienced a significant event when she was saved from a dog attack by Hayate, the protagonist of the series. This incident led to a memorable encounter in which Izumi rewarded Hayate with a kiss on the lips. However, as time passed, her memory of this event faded, and she never spoke of it again during her time at Hakuō Academy.


Izumi Segawa is a visually striking character with distinctive features. Standing at a height of 157 cm and weighing 44 kg, her physical appearance complements her youthful age of 16. One notable aspect of her appearance is her bright purple hair, which adds a touch of uniqueness to her overall appearance. Izumi’s purple hair serves as a visual representation of her individuality and sets her apart from other characters in the series.


While “Hayate no Gotoku!” focuses primarily on comedy and slice-of-life elements, Izumi’s character does not possess any supernatural or extraordinary abilities. Instead, her strengths lie in her leadership and ability to connect with her classmates. As class president and student council president, Izumi demonstrates excellent organizational and communication skills. Her friendly nature allows her to build strong relationships with her classmates, creating a harmonious atmosphere within the class.

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“Izumi Segawa is from the manga and anime series “Hayate no Gotoku!” created by Kenjiro Hata. The series follows the story of Hayate Ayasaki, a hardworking teenager who becomes the butler of the wealthy Nagi Sanzenin. Izumi Segawa plays a supporting role in the series, serving as a key character in the comedic and interpersonal dynamics within Hayate’s school life. Her interactions with Hayate and her friends contribute to the lighthearted and humorous elements of the story.

Izumi Segawa – FAQ

Who is Izumi Segawa?

Izumi Segawa is a character from the anime and manga series “Hayate no Gotoku! She is one of the main supporting characters in the series.

What is Izumi’s role in “Hayate no Gotoku!

Izumi is a close friend of the main character Hayate Ayasaki. She is often seen giving advice and support to Hayate throughout the series.

What is Izumi’s personality like?

Izumi is portrayed as a happy and friendly girl. She is kindhearted and always willing to help others. She has a slightly mischievous side and likes to tease her friends.

Does Izumi have any special skills or talents?

Izumi is not shown to have any special abilities or talents. However, she is shown to be quite intelligent and a skilled video game player.

What is Izumi’s relationship to Hayate?

Izumi and Hayate are close friends. They have known each other since childhood and spend a lot of time together. Izumi sees Hayate as a reliable friend and is always there to support him.

Are there any romantic feelings between Izumi and Hayate?

Izumi’s relationship with Hayate is primarily portrayed as a strong friendship, and there are no explicit romantic feelings between them in the series. However, some fans may interpret their interactions differently.

Does Izumi have any other notable relationships in the series?

Izumi has a younger brother named Sakuya, who is also a recurring character in the series. She has a close sibling relationship with Sakuya, and they often engage in playful banter.

What are some memorable moments involving Izumi in Hayate no Gotoku!

Izumi has several memorable moments throughout the series. Some notable examples include her participation in the school’s culture festival, her interactions with other characters during the storyline, and her involvement in comedic situations that often arise in the series.