Ruri Ichigyou

項目 詳細
オリジナル名 一行 瑠璃
Romaji名 Ichigyou Ruri
ニックネーム ルリ、リーちゃん
シリーズ XYZアニメーションシリーズ
年齢 18歳
体重 52kg
身長 165cm
誕生日 1998年4月20日
血液型 A型

Ruri Ichigyou from “Hello World

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Ruri Ichigyou, a character from the anime “Hello World”, is portrayed as an old-fashioned, determined, and self-confident individual. Unlike her classmate Naomi Katagaki, Ruri stands out for her strong choices and unwavering determination. She has a quiet nature and often keeps to herself, earning her a reputation as a loner. Ruri is known to be a book lover and is a member of the student library committee, demonstrating her passion for literature.


Ruri Ichigyou is a student at the Kyoto Municipal Horikawa Senior High School. She is in the same class as the movie’s protagonist, Naomi Katagaki. Despite her reserved demeanor, Ruri’s involvement in the student library committee underscores her commitment to academic pursuits and her love of books. While specific details of her background are not explored in depth, Ruri’s presence in the story serves as a significant influence on the narrative.


Ruri Ichigyou is depicted as a high school girl with a distinct appearance. Her character design features short, dark hair and a serious expression that contributes to her enigmatic aura. Ruri’s visual presentation matches her reserved personality, emphasizing her preference for solitude and intellectual pursuits. Her clothing typically consists of a school uniform, further emphasizing her role as a student within the story.


While no specific abilities or powers are mentioned, Ruri Ichigyou’s most notable traits are her determination and self-confidence. She has a strong sense of self and is not afraid to make choices that may set her apart from others. Ruri’s character development primarily revolves around her interactions with Naomi and the impact she has on his life. Her skills lie in her ability to influence and inspire those around her through her unwavering determination.


Ruri Ichigyou comes from the anime film “Hello World.” Released in 2019, the film tells the story of Naomi Katagaki, the main protagonist, whose life becomes intertwined with Ruri’s through a time travel plot. Ruri’s character plays a pivotal role in the narrative, shaping the events and relationships within the story. As a fellow book committee member and classmate of Naomi’s, Ruri’s presence adds depth and complexity to the overall story of “Hello World”.
Please note that the above information is based on the character description found on MyAnimeList and other available sources.

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Ruri Ichigyou – FAQ

Who is Ruri Ichigyou?

Ruri Ichigyou is a fictional character from the anime movie “Hello World”. She serves as one of the main characters in the movie.

What is Ruri’s role in “Hello World”?

Ruri plays an important role in the movie as the love interest of the protagonist, Naomi Katagaki. She is a classmate of Naomi and plays a crucial role in the development of the story.

What is Ruri’s personality like?

Ruri Ichigyou is portrayed as a caring and compassionate person. She is portrayed as someone who is optimistic, kindhearted, and supportive of those around her, especially Naomi.

How does Ruri contribute to the plot of “Hello World”?

Ruri’s presence in the movie is essential to the plot. Her relationship with Naomi serves as a catalyst for the events that unfold in the story, and she plays an important role in helping Naomi overcome the challenges he faces.

Does Ruri have any unique skills or powers?

No, Ruri Ichigyou does not have any supernatural abilities or powers. She is an ordinary high school student who mainly influences the story through her interactions and relationships with other characters.

What is the significance of Ruri’s character in “Hello World”?

Ruri’s character represents hope, love, and the power of human connection. She symbolizes the emotional anchor for the protagonist and plays a crucial role in highlighting the film’s themes of redemption, second chances, and the importance of cherishing the present.