Alexander Anderson

Original Name アレクサンド・アンデルセン
Romaji Name Arekusando Anderusen
Nicknames The Bayonet Priest, The Angel’s Dust, God’s Assassin, Saint Guillotine, The Regenerator, Killing Jud
Series Hellsing
Age Unknown, physically appears to be in his 40-50s
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown



The enigmatic Bayonet Priest of Hellsing


Alexander Anderson, a prominent character in the anime and manga series Hellsing, is a complex and enigmatic individual. A Vatican priest and member of the Iscariot organization, Anderson is driven by his unwavering faith and dedication to eradicating the supernatural threat of vampires. He has a fervent belief in his mission and sees himself as a righteous instrument of divine judgment. Despite his zealous nature and brutal methods, Anderson also displays a strong sense of honor and loyalty, especially to his comrades in Iscariot.


Little is known of Alexander Anderson’s early life and background. Although his nationality is officially listed as “unknown,” it is known that he resides in Italy and runs an orphanage outside of Vatican City. It is believed that he joined the Iscariot organization at a young age and underwent rigorous training to become a vampire hunter and purifier. Anderson’s devotion to his cause is deep-seated, and his tenacity and skill in combat make him a respected and feared member of Iscariot.


In terms of appearance, Alexander Anderson cuts an imposing figure. He is a middle-aged man of sturdy build, usually depicted in the traditional garb of a Catholic priest. His most distinctive feature is a wild mane of silver hair, which adds to his intimidating presence. Anderson’s face has a stern expression that reflects his unwavering determination and unwavering dedication to his mission. Dressed in his priestly robes and armed with his signature bayonets, he exudes an aura of authority and power.


One of Anderson’s most notable attributes is his enhanced physical abilities. He possesses superhuman strength, speed, and agility, allowing him to engage in intense combat with supernatural creatures. Anderson’s body also has advanced regeneration, allowing him to heal from serious wounds at a rapid rate. He is highly skilled in various forms of combat, including close combat and swordplay, and wields blessed weapons that are effective against vampires.


While Anderson’s origins are shrouded in mystery, it is revealed that he becomes the “Monster of God” after fusing with Helena’s nail. This transformation gives him additional powers such as invulnerability, enhanced strength and speed, shape-shifting, pyrokinesis, and vine manipulation. Anderson’s newfound abilities enhance his already formidable combat skills, making him an even more formidable opponent for his arch-rival, Alucard.
In the world of Hellsing, Alexander Anderson is a formidable character driven by his unwavering faith and commitment to eradicating the supernatural threat. His complex personality, intense fighting skills, and mysterious origins make him a compelling presence in the series. As Alucard’s arch-rival and a central figure in the Iscariot organization, Anderson’s actions and interactions contribute to the rich and dark story of Hellsing.

Alexander Anderson – FAQ

Who is Alexander Anderson in “Hellsing”?

Alexander Anderson is a fictional character in the manga and anime series “Hellsing”. He is a prominent antagonist in the series and serves as a member of the Vatican Special Forces known as Iscariot. Anderson is a devout Catholic and a deadly warrior who wields blessed bayonets and has enhanced regenerative abilities.

What is Alexander Anderson’s role in Hellsing?

Alexander Anderson serves as one of the main antagonists in the Hellsing series. He is a zealous member of the Vatican’s Iscariot organization and is sent to confront and eliminate the supernatural threats posed by the vampire Alucard and the Hellsing organization. Anderson’s ultimate goal is to eradicate all supernatural beings and purify the world in the name of God.

What are Alexander Anderson’s powers and abilities?

Alexander Anderson has several extraordinary abilities and powers. He is a highly skilled fighter, proficient in various forms of armed and unarmed combat. His signature weapons are blessed bayonets, which he wields with great skill and precision. Anderson also possesses enhanced regenerative abilities, allowing him to heal from injuries at an accelerated rate. He also has a seemingly unlimited supply of Blessed Bayonets, which he can summon at will.

What is Alexander Anderson’s personality like?

Alexander Anderson is known for his fanatical devotion to his faith and his unwavering commitment to eradicating supernatural threats. He is a zealous and relentless individual who sees himself as a righteous instrument of God’s will. Anderson is often portrayed as boisterous, loud, and prone to speaking in biblical quotations and religious metaphors. Despite his ruthless nature, he has a sense of honor and respects formidable opponents.

Does Alexander Anderson have any ties to Alucard or the Hellsing organization?

Alexander Anderson and Alucard, the protagonist of “Hellsing”, have a complex relationship. They are bitter enemies and have several intense battles throughout the series. Anderson sees Alucard as an abomination and a threat to the salvation of mankind, while Alucard sees Anderson as a worthy opponent. As for the Hellsing Organization, Anderson is primarily focused on eliminating Alucard and has no direct ties to the organization itself.

What is Alexander Anderson’s role within the Iscariot organization?

Within the Iscariot organization, Alexander Anderson holds the rank of Archbishop and serves as one of their top operatives. Iscariot is the secret branch of the Vatican charged with combating supernatural threats and maintaining the purity of the Catholic Church. Anderson is a trusted and highly respected member of Iscariot, and his unwavering loyalty and combat skills make him a formidable asset in their mission to eradicate supernatural beings.