Enrico Maxwell

Original Name (Japanese): エンリコ・マクスウェル
Romanized Name: Enrico Maxwell
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Hellsing
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Enrico Maxwell is a deeply religious fanatic who serves as the leader of the Vatican’s Iscariot organization. Obsessed with power and control, he rules his subordinates with an iron fist. Maxwell takes great pleasure in the violence and conflict between the Hellsing Organization and the Millennium Group, reveling in their destructive battles. He is driven by an unwavering belief in the Catholic Church’s mission to exterminate all “unholy” creatures and heretics.


Enrico Maxwell was abandoned by his parents at a young age and placed in an orphanage run by the Catholic Church. This experience shaped his fervent devotion to the Church and its teachings. He rose through the ranks of the Iscariot Organization, eventually becoming its fanatical leader.

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Maxwell is a tall, imposing figure with distinctive features. He has short, silver hair and piercing blue eyes that convey his intense gaze. His attire consists of an elaborate, high-collared cassock and a pectoral cross, reflecting his position within the Church hierarchy.


As the leader of the Iscariot Organization, Maxwell has a vast network of highly trained agents and resources at his disposal. He is skilled at strategy and manipulation, using his influence and authority to orchestrate events to his advantage. However, he has no supernatural abilities or combat skills of his own.


Enrico Maxwell is a character created by Kohta Hirano for the Hellsing manga and anime series. He serves as a major antagonist, representing the Vatican’s opposition to the Hellsing Organization and its efforts to combat supernatural threats.

Enrico Maxwell – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Enrico Maxwell from “Hellsing”:

Who is Enrico Maxwell?

Enrico Maxwell is the head of the Vatican’s Iscariot Organization and a major antagonist in the “Hellsing” series. He is an ambitious and ruthless priest who seeks to destroy the Hellsing Organization and Alucard, the powerful vampire who serves them.

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What is the Iscariot Organization?

The Iscariot Organization is a special operations division of the Vatican that specializes in fighting supernatural threats, especially vampires. Enrico Maxwell leads this organization, which often finds itself in conflict with Hellsing.

What is the role of Enrico Maxwell in the “Hellsing” story?

Enrico Maxwell is a central antagonist in Hellsing. He sees Hellsing and Alucard as a threat to the authority of the Catholic Church and wants to destroy them. He directs Iscariot’s operations against Hellsing, including sending his most powerful agent, the deadly assassin Paladin Alexander Anderson, into deadly combat with Alucard.

What are Enrico Maxwell’s motives?

Enrico Maxwell is driven by a mixture of religious fanaticism, ambition and lust for power. He believes that the Catholic Church should be the sole authority in dealing with supernatural threats, and he will stop at nothing to eliminate Hellsing and Alucard, whom he views as heretics. Maxwell’s actions are fueled by his unwavering devotion to the Catholic faith and his quest for dominance.

How does Enrico Maxwell’s character develop over the course of the “Hellsing” series?

Over the course of the series, Enrico Maxwell becomes increasingly unhinged and ruthless in the pursuit of his goals. He begins as a calculating and manipulative antagonist, but as the conflict with Hellsing escalates, he becomes more volatile and prone to violent outbursts. By the end, his fanaticism and thirst for power have consumed him, leading to his ultimate downfall.

What is the relationship between Enrico Maxwell and Paladin Alexander Anderson?

Enrico Maxwell and Paladin Alexander Anderson have a complex and often strained relationship. Anderson is Maxwell’s most powerful agent, and the two work closely together in the Iscariot Organization’s operations against Hellsing. However, their different personalities and approaches can sometimes lead to conflict, as Anderson’s more impulsive and zealous nature sometimes clashes with Maxwell’s more calculating and strategic mindset.