Pedro Domingo

Original Name ペドロ
Romaji Name Pedoro Domingo
Nicknames Pedro
Series Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel♥Saga
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


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A Character Analysis


Pedro Domingo, from the anime “Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel♥Saga,” is portrayed as a hardworking individual who left his home in Colombia, South America, with the goal of supporting his son and wife. Despite his tragic death in a fire, Pedro is portrayed as a determined and responsible individual. He demonstrates a sense of loyalty and devotion to his loved ones, as evidenced by his desire to work diligently for their well-being. Pedro’s character demonstrates qualities of perseverance and dedication, even in the face of unfortunate circumstances.


Pedro’s backstory reveals that he left his home country to seek employment opportunities and provide financial support for his family. However, fate dealt him a cruel hand when he met his untimely end in a devastating fire for which the protagonist, Excel, bears some responsibility. Returning from an out-of-body experience, Pedro discovers that his loved ones have moved on without him, finding comfort in the arms of his neighbor, Gomez. This tragic turn of events adds depth to Pedro’s character, highlighting the emotional struggles he faces as he realizes the loss of his family and the sense of isolation he experiences.


While specific details of Pedro’s appearance may vary depending on artistic interpretation, he is typically depicted as a middle-aged man of Colombian descent. His character design may include elements that reflect his South American heritage, such as facial features, hairstyles, or clothing choices. Pedro’s appearance may convey a sense of warmth and familiarity, emphasizing his role as a relatable and sympathetic character in the anime.


In terms of abilities, Pedro’s character does not possess any extraordinary powers or skills. Instead, he exemplifies the qualities of an everyday person, emphasizing his relatability as an average individual facing life’s challenges. Pedro’s strength lies in his determination and perseverance, which allow him to face and overcome difficult circumstances. His character serves as a reminder that it is not always extraordinary abilities that define a person, but rather their resilience and willingness to face adversity head-on.

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Pedro Domingo comes from the anime series “Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel♥Saga”. Created by acclaimed mangaka Rikdo Koshi, the series follows the comedic misadventures of Excel, the main protagonist, and her encounters with various characters, including Pedro. Pedro’s character contributes to the overall narrative by adding depth and emotional resonance to the story. His origin lies in the imaginative world created by Rikdo Koshi, where he plays an important role in highlighting themes of loss, perseverance, and the complexity of human relationships.

Pedro Domingo – FAQ

Who is Pedro Domingo in “Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel♥Saga”?

Pedro Domingo is a fictional character in the anime series “Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel♥Saga”. He is a recurring character who plays an important role in the series.

What is Pedro Domingo’s role in the anime?

Pedro Domingo is a scientist and inventor who works at the secret research facility known as ACROSS. He is responsible for creating various gadgets and devices used by the main characters.

How does Pedro Domingo contribute to the plot of “Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel♥Saga”?

Pedro Domingo’s inventions often play a crucial role in advancing the story. His gadgets help the main characters in their missions, provide comic relief, and contribute to the overall comedic tone of the series.

What are some of Pedro Domingo’s notable inventions?

Pedro Domingo has created a number of quirky and imaginative inventions. Some examples include the “Hyper Rescue Robot A-T-X” (a giant robot used for rescue missions), the “Dimensional Manipulation Device” (which allows characters to travel between dimensions), and the “Nonsensical Objective Detector” (a device that detects nonsensical objectives).

Does Pedro Domingo have any unique characteristics or personality traits?

Pedro Domingo is portrayed as a brilliant but eccentric scientist. He is often shown wearing a lab coat and glasses, emphasizing his nerdy appearance. He is passionate about his inventions and can be absent-minded at times, leading to comedic situations.

How does Pedro Domingo interact with other characters in the show?

Pedro Domingo has a friendly and cooperative relationship with the main characters of the series, especially Excel and Hyatt. He often works with them on missions and provides them with the gadgets they need. His interactions with other characters are usually lighthearted and filled with comedic moments.