Yang Yu

Original Name: 虞 扬
Romaji Name: Yu Yang
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Here U Are
Age: N/A
Weight: N/A
Height: N/A
Date of Birth: February 14th
Blood Type: N/A


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A Character Analysis


Yang Yu, a character from the manga series “Here U Are,” has a multifaceted personality that adds depth to his role in the story. He is known to be helpful and considerate to new students, often going out of his way to help them. Despite initial concerns about his imposing size, he quickly establishes himself as a reliable and approachable individual. As an assistant in military training exercises, Yang Yu demonstrates strong leadership skills and is well liked by his peers. However, he occasionally shows frustration when younger students fail to show him the respect he feels he deserves as an upperclassman.


Yang Yu is a sophomore majoring in design. While not much is revealed about his past, his involvement in helping new students suggests a nurturing and supportive nature. The manga does not delve deeply into his background, leaving room for readers to speculate and imagine the experiences and influences that have shaped his character.


In terms of physical appearance, Yang Yu is portrayed as a tall individual who initially expresses concern about his height. Although no specific details are given regarding his facial features or clothing style, the accompanying artwork in the manga shows his friendly and approachable demeanor. It is important to note that visual interpretations of characters can vary between adaptations and artistic styles.


While Yang Yu’s specific abilities are not explicitly mentioned in the available information, his strong leadership skills and effectiveness as a military training exercise assistant indicate his competence and ability to lead and organize others. It is possible that his empathetic and helpful nature serves as a valuable asset in facilitating teamwork and creating a positive group dynamic.

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Yang Yu comes from the manga series “Here U Are”. Created by the author known as DJun, the manga explores various themes such as romance, friendship, and self-discovery. Although the available information does not provide extensive details about the origin of Yang Yu’s character within the story, it is likely that he plays a significant role in the development and progression of the narrative.
(Note: The information provided by the MyAnimeList page and Google searches have been used as the basis for this article. However, it is important to refer to the original source material for a full understanding of Yang Yu’s character).

Yang Yu – FAQ

Who is Yang Yu?

Yang Yu is a fictional character from the webcomic “Here U Are” created by DJun. He is one of the main protagonists of the story.

What is Yang Yu’s role in the story?

Yang Yu is a college student who becomes roommates with a popular and outgoing classmate named Zhang ZhengXiong. He plays a central role in the story as the main love interest and romantic partner of Zhang ZhengXiong.

What are Yang Yu’s personality traits?

Yang Yu is portrayed as introverted, quiet and reserved. He is often seen as serious and calm. He is also shown to be caring and protective of the people he cares about.

Does Yang Yu have any special skills or talents?

No, Yang Yu does not possess any special abilities or talents beyond being a devoted and supportive friend and partner.

What is the relationship between Yang Yu and Zhang Zhengxiong?

Yang Yu and Zhang ZhengXiong are in a romantic relationship. They start out as roommates and gradually develop feelings for each other as the story progresses.

Are there any major conflicts or challenges that Yang Yu faces?

Yes, Yang Yu faces several challenges in her relationship with Zhang ZhengXiong. These challenges include dealing with societal expectations, misunderstandings, and communication issues. In addition, they both navigate their own personal growth and self-acceptance throughout the story.