Japanese Name リヒテンシュタイン
Romaji Name Rihitenshutain
Nicknames None
Series Hetalia Axis Powers
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth July 12th
Blood Type Unknown

Liechtenstein – A Character from “Hetalia Axis Powers

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Liechtenstein, a character from the anime and manga series “Hetalia Axis Powers”, is portrayed as a small and soft-spoken country. It is portrayed as modest, mature, and surprisingly high-tech. Liechtenstein is known for being clear and blunt in expressing her opinions, but she can also be quite shy at times. She is portrayed as self-conscious, especially about her flat chest. Despite her reserved nature, Liechtenstein is loyal and deeply attached to Switzerland, which she considers her older brother.


Liechtenstein is a small country between Austria and Switzerland. In the “Hetalia” series, it is depicted as having a close relationship with Switzerland. After World War I, Liechtenstein found itself surrounded by war-torn countries, leading to famine and poverty. Switzerland came to its aid and adopted it as its little sister. This event marked the beginning of Liechtenstein’s admiration and respect for her “brother”. Liechtenstein even cut her hair into a short bob to look more like Switzerland.


Liechtenstein is depicted as a young girl with a petite and delicate frame. She has shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. She is often seen wearing a blue ribbon tied to the right side of her head. Her clothing usually consists of a traditional dress, reflecting her European heritage.


Although she has no supernatural abilities, Liechtenstein is shown to be a skilled seamstress. She demonstrates her talent in a manga strip where she presents Switzerland with a pair of ruffled pink pajamas she made especially for him. Her sewing skills underscore her attention to detail and care for her loved ones.


Liechtenstein, as a character in Hetalia Axis Powers, is inspired by the real-life Principality of Liechtenstein. The country is located in Central Europe, bordered by Switzerland to the west and Austria to the east. In “Hetalia,” the character of Liechtenstein embodies the friendly relationship between Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The representation emphasizes the historical and cultural ties between these nations.

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Liechtenstein – FAQ

What is the official language of Liechtenstein?

The official language of Liechtenstein is German. German is widely spoken and used for official purposes in the country.

Is Liechtenstein a member of the European Union?

No, Liechtenstein is not a member of the European Union. However, it is a member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and has a customs union with Switzerland.

What is the capital of Liechtenstein?

The capital of Liechtenstein is Vaduz. It is also the largest city in the country.

Does Liechtenstein have its own currency?

No, Liechtenstein does not have a currency. The official currency used in Liechtenstein is the Swiss Franc (CHF), as Liechtenstein has a currency union with Switzerland.

How many people does Liechtenstein have?

To the best of my knowledge, as of September 2021, Liechtenstein has a population of approximately 38,000 people. However, please note that the population may have changed since then.

Is Liechtenstein a landlocked country?

Yes, Liechtenstein is a landlocked country. It is located in Central Europe and borders Switzerland to the west and south, and Austria to the east and north.