Original Name ロシア
Romaji Name Roshia
Nicknames Ivan Braginski
Series Hetalia Axis Powers
Age Unknown
Weight N/A
Height 182cm (6’0″)
Date of Birth December 30th
Blood Type N/A

Russia – A Character Analysis from “Hetalia Axis Powers

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Russia, also known as Ivan Braginski, is a complex character in the popular anime series “Hetalia Axis Powers”. Despite his large stature and intimidating presence, Russia initially appears kind and sweet. However, beneath this facade lies a twisted personality that borders on insanity. He possesses a “childlike” cruelty and often displays a dark sense of humor. Russia’s cheerful smile masks an unstable nature that makes him an enigmatic and unpredictable character. He has been known to shout “kolkolkol” when angry, a reference to the kolkhoz, a collective farming system in the former Soviet Union. Russia’s love of vodka is also a notable aspect of his personality.


Russia is depicted in the “Hetalia” series as the largest nation in the world by area. It has a complex relationship with its sisters, Belarus and Ukraine. Ukraine played a pivotal role in the upbringing of Russia and Belarus, and it is she who gave Russia his scarf. Belarus, on the other hand, has a deep affection for Russia and wants to marry him. Russia’s interactions with other characters in the series reveal a history of control and torment. In the past, he ruled over the Baltic brothers (Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia), subjecting them to his abuse. He particularly targeted Latvia because of its smaller stature. Russia also showed a strong interest in Lithuania, even forcing him to accompany them on a trip, disregarding Lithuania’s prior commitment to Belarus.


Russia’s physical appearance is notable in the series. He is depicted as a tall character with light blonde hair and violet eyes (although earlier artwork depicted his eyes as blue). In the anime adaptation, his hair color is beige. Russia’s overall appearance exudes an air of intimidation and mystery, reflecting his complex personality. He is often seen wearing his signature scarf, which has sentimental value as a gift from the Ukraine.


Although he does not possess any supernatural powers, Russia’s abilities in the show lie in his sheer size, strength, and endurance. His imposing stature and intimidating presence make him a formidable character. In addition, Russia’s ability to endure harsh winters, personified as “General Winter,” adds to his resilience. However, his abilities are primarily portrayed in the context of the show’s comedic and lighthearted tone.


The character of Russia in Hetalia Axis Powers is inspired by the real-world country of Russia, also known as the Russian Federation. The series incorporates elements of Russian culture, history, and stereotypes into the character’s portrayal. Russia’s capital is depicted as Moscow, and the character’s human name is Ivan Braginsky. While the series takes creative liberties, it interweaves certain aspects of real-world Russia with the fictional narrative of Hetalia Axis Powers.

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Russia – FAQ

FAQs about Russia from “Hetalia Axis Powers

What is the personality of Russia in Hetalia Axis Powers?
Russia is portrayed as an enigmatic and somewhat intimidating character in Hetalia Axis Powers. He often displays a cold and stoic demeanor, but he also has a mischievous and playful side to his personality. Despite his intimidating presence, he is known to have a soft spot for his sisters and enjoys taking care of them.

What are some of Russia’s most notable characteristics in the show?
Russia is known for his love of vodka and his enduring resilience. He has a habit of sneaking up on people and scaring them, which adds to his mysterious and unpredictable nature. He is also portrayed as having a deep fascination with sunflowers and enjoys growing them.

Does Russia have any memorable relationships with other characters?
Russia has unique relationships with several characters in the show. He has a complicated dynamic with the character called “America”, as they were once rivals during the Cold War. Russia also has a strong bond with Belarus, his sister, although their relationship can be quite intense and possessive at times.

What historical events are associated with Russia in Hetalia Axis Powers?
“Hetalia Axis Powers often refers to significant historical events involving Russia. These include the Russian Revolution, the Soviet Union’s involvement in World War II, and the Cold War. The series portrays Russia’s role in these events with a mix of humor and historical references.

How does the series portray Russia’s relations with other countries?
Russia’s relations with other countries are portrayed as complex and multifaceted. It has a particularly strained relationship with countries like Poland and Lithuania due to historical conflicts. On the other hand, it maintains a close friendship with China and often engages in humorous banter with the character known as “Prussia.

Does Russia have any unique quirks or habits in the series?
Yes, Russia does have some unique quirks and habits. He has a tendency to speak in a soft and gentle voice when he’s in a good mood, but his tone can change dramatically when he becomes threatening. He also enjoys the company of his pet sunflower named “Sunflower-chan” and often carries a metal pipe for self-defense.