Kaori Nakaseko

Original Name (Japanese): 中世古 香織
Romaji Name: Nakaseko Kaori
Nicknames: None
Series: Hibike! Euphonium
Age: 17
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Kaori Nakaseko is described as a popular and well-liked member of the Kitauji High School Concert Band. She has a soft-spoken and gentle demeanor, which contributes to her outgoing personality. As head of the trumpet section, she demonstrates leadership qualities and takes her responsibilities seriously. Kaori is also known for her compassion, as she is often seen supporting her fellow band members.


Kaori is a junior who plays the trumpet in the Kitauji High School Concert Band. Within the band, she holds the position of trumpet section leader and also serves as the band’s bookkeeper. Her commitment to the band and her fellow students is evident in her dedication to her roles.

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Kaori has a youthful and delicate appearance, with a slender build and short, light-colored hair. Her features are soft and she often has a calm expression. She is usually seen wearing the standard Kitauji High School uniform.


As an accomplished trumpeter, Kaori demonstrates a mastery of her instrument. Her leadership role within the trumpet section and the band as a whole suggests that she possesses strong musical skills and a good understanding of ensemble dynamics. In addition, her role as the band’s bookkeeper suggests that she has organizational and administrative skills.


Kaori Nakaseko is a recurring supporting character in the “Hibike! Euphonium” anime series, which is an adaptation of the light novel series of the same name. She is introduced as a member of the Kitauji High School Concert Band and plays a major supporting role throughout the story.

Kaori Nakaseko – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Kaori Nakaseko of “Hibike! Euphonium”:

Who is Kaori Nakaseko?

Kaori Nakaseko is a character in the anime “Hibike! Euphonium”. She is a freshman at Kitauji High School and a member of the school’s concert band.

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What instrument does Kaori play?

Kaori Nakaseko plays the euphonium in the Kitauji High School Concert Band. She is a talented euphonium player and plays an important role in the band’s performances.

What is Kaori’s personality like?

Kaori is generally a quiet and reserved person. She is very dedicated to her music studies and the success of the Concert Band. Despite her introverted nature, she is a hard worker and a reliable team player.

How does Kaori’s character develop over the course of the series?

Throughout the series, Kaori’s confidence and leadership skills gradually grow. She struggles with self-doubt at first, but as the band prepares for important competitions, Kaori steps up and becomes a more vocal and influential member of the group.

What is Kaori’s relationship with the other band members?

Kaori has a close friendship with the band’s principal euphonium player, Reina Kousaka. The two work closely together and support each other in the band’s challenges. Kaori also develops positive relationships with other band members, such as the band’s conductor, Noboru Taki.

What is Kaori’s role in the success of the band?

Kaori’s consistent and skilled playing, as well as her dedication to the band, play a crucial role in the Kitauji High School Concert Band’s success. Her contributions as a euphonium player and team player are vital to the band’s success in competitions and performances.