Hitomi Mishima

Original Name 三嶋 瞳
Romaji Name Mishima Hitomi
Nicknames None
Series Hinamatsuri (TV)
Age 13
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A



The talented and caring friend of Hinamatsuri (TV)


Hitomi Mishima, a supporting character in the anime series “Hinamatsuri”, is known for her exceptional personality. She is an honor student who unintentionally cares for her friend Hina. Hitomi is hardworking, responsible, and always strives to excel in her studies. Despite her young age, she displays a mature and level-headed demeanor that earns her the respect and admiration of her peers.


As Hina’s friend and classmate, Hitomi finds herself drawn into Hina’s unconventional adventures. In one case, when Hina was looking for Nitta, Hitomi was forced to help her. This led her to a bar called “Little Song”, where she discovered a hidden talent for mixing cocktails. Under the tutelage of a regular at the bar, Hitomi’s skills blossomed, and she soon became an accomplished bartender.


Hitomi Mishima has a youthful and charming appearance. She has short, auburn hair and expressive brown eyes. Dressed in her school uniform, Hitomi exudes an air of sophistication and grace. Later in the series, after the time jump, Hitomi takes on a more mature appearance as she starts her own consulting company.


Hitomi’s exceptional skills extend beyond her academic achievements. Her keen observation and meticulous attention to detail make her a remarkable bartender. She quickly grasps the art of mixing cocktails and becomes a valuable asset to Utako’s bar, Little Song. Hitomi’s dedication and natural talent allow her to excel at various tasks, making her a versatile and dependable individual.


Hitomi Mishima’s journey begins when she is inadvertently drawn into Hina’s search for Nitta. Her encounter at “Little Song” unleashes her hidden talent and sets her on a path of self-discovery. Hitomi’s determination and hard work lead her to start her own consulting company, marking her transformation from a hardworking student to a successful entrepreneur.
In the anime series “Hinamatsuri,” Hitomi Mishima serves as a symbol of diligence, adaptability, and genuine care for her friends. Her journey demonstrates the power of personal growth and the rewards that come from embracing one’s talents and taking on new challenges. Hitomi’s character is a testament to the potential within each individual to shine and make a positive impact on the world around them.

Hitomi Mishima – FAQ

Who is Hitomi Mishima?

Hitomi Mishima is a fictional character from the anime series “Hinamatsuri (TV)”. She is one of the main characters and plays an important role in the story.

What is Hitomi Mishima’s personality like?

Hitomi is known for being hardworking, responsible, and mature beyond her years. She is a hardworking student and is often seen balancing her schoolwork and part-time job.

What is Hitomi Mishima’s role in the series?

Hitomi is one of the main characters in the series. She becomes involved with the Yakuza and ends up working as a bartender in a secret club. Her character arc explores her growth and transformation as she deals with her unusual circumstances.

How does Hitomi Mishima interact with the other characters?

Hitomi has a complex relationship with the other characters in the series. She initially forms a unique bond with Nitta, a yakuza member who becomes her guardian. She also interacts with other main characters such as Hina and Anzu, developing both friendships and rivalries with them.

What are some notable moments or storylines involving Hitomi Mishima?

Hitomi’s character goes through various storylines and experiences throughout the series. Some notable moments include her first encounter with Hina, her struggles with managing her double life as a student and bartender, and her growth as a person as she learns valuable life lessons from her interactions with other characters.

Does Hitomi Mishima have any special skills or powers?

No, Hitomi does not possess any supernatural or extraordinary abilities. Her strengths lie in her determination, work ethic, and ability to adapt to challenging situations.