Suisei Hoshimachi

Japanese Name 星街すいせい
Romaji Name Hoshimachi Suisei
Nicknames Sui-chan
Series Holo no Graffiti
Age Forever 18
Weight N/A
Height 160 cm
Date of Birth March 22
Blood Type N/A


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The enigmatic idol of “Holo no Graffiti


Suisei Hoshimachi, also known as Sui-chan, is a character from the anime series “Holo no Graffiti”. She is portrayed as a humble and multi-talented singer with a deep passion for idols. Despite her talent and popularity, Suisei maintains a level-headed and down-to-earth attitude. She possesses a cheerful and optimistic personality, always bringing a positive and energetic vibe to those around her. Suisei’s endearing and childlike qualities add a touch of playfulness to her character, making her a beloved member of the hololive universe.


Suisei Hoshimachi is a virtual YouTuber affiliated with hololive, a popular talent agency for virtual content creators. She made her debut as an independent creator in March 2018, gaining recognition for her singing skills and captivating performances. In May 2019, Suisei joined hololive production through her newly established music label, INoNaKa Music, solidifying her presence in the virtual entertainment industry. Her talent and dedication have garnered her a significant following, making her one of the most recognizable faces in the virtual idol scene.


Suisei Hoshimachi is a visually striking character with a distinctive design. She is portrayed as a charming and youthful girl with vibrant turquoise hair that cascades down to her shoulders. Her expressive blue eyes add to her charismatic presence. Suisei’s wardrobe reflects her idol persona, with stylish and colorful clothing that accentuates her energetic and vibrant nature. Her captivating appearance adds to the overall appeal of her character, making her instantly recognizable to fans.


As a virtual idol, Suisei Hoshimachi possesses a number of talents and abilities that contribute to her popularity. Her primary skill is her exceptional singing ability, which has earned her a devoted fan base. Suisei’s melodious voice and captivating performances have allowed her to release numerous original songs and covers, showcasing her versatility as a vocalist. She also excels at engaging with her audience through live streams, where she interacts with fans and shares her love of singing, idols, and various other topics.

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Suisei Hoshimachi comes from the virtual talent agency hololive, which focuses on promoting virtual content creators through various platforms. She rose to fame as a virtual YouTuber, captivating audiences with her musical talent and charismatic personality. Suisei’s popularity extended beyond her independent status, leading her to join Hololive Production and become an integral part of the Hololive family. Her appearances in “Holo no Graffiti” further solidified her presence in the anime world, allowing fans to immerse themselves in her captivating performances and delightful character.
(Note: The information provided is based on the character Suisei Hoshimachi from “Holo no Graffiti” as portrayed on and other sources.)

Suisei Hoshimachi – FAQ

Who is Suisei Hoshimachi?

Suisei Hoshimachi, also known as Hoshimachi Suisei, is a virtual YouTuber and singer affiliated with the talent agency Hololive Production. She is a member of the sub-unit called “Holo no Graffiti” within Hololive.

What is “Holo no Graffiti”?

“Holo no Graffiti is a sub-unit within Hololive Production consisting of three virtual YouTubers: Suisei Hoshimachi, AZKi and Miko Sakura. They collaborate on various projects including music covers, livestreams, and events.

When did Suisei Hoshimachi make her debut?

Suisei Hoshimachi made her debut as a virtual YouTuber on December 1, 2018, as part of the second generation of Hololive Production talent.

What type of content does Suisei Hoshimachi create?

Suisei Hoshimachi primarily streams gaming content on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. She is known for playing a wide variety of games, including rhythm games, horror games, and indie titles. In addition to gaming, she also produces music covers and original songs.

What are some of Suisei Hoshimachi’s notable achievements?

Suisei Hoshimachi has reached several notable milestones in her career. She has released several successful original songs, some of which have received millions of views on YouTube. She has also collaborated with other popular virtual YouTubers and participated in various virtual idol events in Japan.

Does Suisei Hoshimachi have a backstory or character lore?

Yes, Suisei Hoshimachi has a character backstory and lore. She portrays herself as an idol from a distant star who came to Earth to become a virtual idol and spread happiness. Her character design features celestial motifs such as stars and constellations.