Towa Tokoyami

項目 情報
日本語名 常闇トワ
Romaji名 Tokoyami Towa
愛称 トワちゃん
シリーズ Hololive Production
年齢 20歳
体重 非公開
身長 非公開
誕生日 8月8日
血液型 O型

Towa Tokoyami from “Holo no Graffiti

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Towa Tokoyami, a character from the anime series “Holo no Graffiti”, is portrayed as a devil with a surprisingly sweet and kind-hearted nature. Despite her demonic origins, Towa is down-to-earth and displays a genuine warmth toward others. Her compassionate nature has endeared her to many fans, leading some to consider her more of an angel than a devil.


Towa Tokoyami is a Japanese female virtual YouTuber associated with the Hololive production. She made her debut on January 3, 2020 and has since gained popularity among viewers. As a member of hololive, Towa interacts with her audience through livestreams and various online content.


Towa Tokoyami is depicted as a young girl with a distinctly devilish appearance. She has vibrant, long purple hair that falls below her waist and is often styled in twin tails. Towa’s eyes are a striking shade of red, and she is often seen wearing a devilish outfit, complete with horns and tail. Her overall design reflects her demonic nature while maintaining a cute and appealing aesthetic.


While specific details about Towa’s abilities in “Holo no Graffiti” are not readily available, it can be inferred that her devilish nature gives her certain supernatural powers. However, the series focuses primarily on her interactions with other characters and her personal growth, rather than showing her abilities in action.


Towa Tokoyami is a fictional character created for the anime series “Holo no Graffiti”. She is part of the Hololive production known for its virtual YouTubers who interact with fans through livestreams and online content. Towa’s character design and storyline were developed by the creators of the series to fit into the world and narrative of “Holo no Graffiti”.
Please note that the information provided is based on available sources and may not include all aspects of Towa Tokoyami’s character.

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Towa Tokoyami – FAQ

Who is Towa Tokoyami?

Towa Tokoyami is a virtual YouTuber and a member of the virtual idol group “Holo no Graffiti”. She is known for her energetic and cheerful personality, as well as her talent for singing and streaming various video game content.

What is Holo no Graffiti?

“Holo no Graffiti is a virtual idol group consisting of several virtual YouTubers, including Towa Tokoyami. The group focuses on entertaining their audience through live streams, music performances, and collaborative content.

What are Towa Tokoyami’s main activities?

Towa Tokoyami engages in a variety of activities, including live streaming their gaming sessions, interacting with their fans through chat and voice chats, creating and performing music, collaborating with other virtual YouTubers, and participating in events and fan gatherings.

What makes Towa Tokoyami different from other virtual YouTubers?

Towa Tokoyami is known for her unique character design, which features a black and white color scheme with bat-like wings. She is also known for her distinctive voice and her ability to create a lively and engaging atmosphere during her streams.

How did Towa Tokoyami become a virtual YouTuber?

Towa Tokoyami’s journey as a virtual YouTuber began when she was scouted by the talent agency Hololive Production. After training and refining her skills, she made her debut as a member of “Holo no Graffiti” and quickly gained popularity in the virtual idol community.

Does Towa Tokoyami have any interests or hobbies?

Aside from her passion for gaming and entertaining her audience, Towa Tokoyami has expressed her love for singing and music. She often showcases her singing skills by covering popular songs or performing original compositions during her streams.