Tomoharu Ueda

Original Name (Japanese): 上田 朝春
Romaji Name: Ueda Tomoharu
Nicknames: None
Series: Honto Yajuu (Like the Beast)
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unusually tall
Date of Birth: April 8
Blood Type: Unknown


Tomoharu Ueda is described as a very kind and caring person who always goes out of his way to help others. He treats everyone the same, which has made him feel distant from those who want to be special to him. After meeting Aki, Ueda experiences many emotions for the first time, as Aki is the first person he has ever fallen in love with, and he struggles to deal with these newfound feelings.


Ueda became a police officer because he wanted to help and meet all kinds of people. He is extremely interested in people, which allows him to interact with everyone easily. He is able to maintain his composure even in the most stressful and frightening situations, only showing a delayed reaction after the situation has passed.

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Ueda is noted for being unusually tall with a rather muscular, but not bulky, build.


Ueda is very skilled in judo, which allows him to remain calm and in control even in high-pressure situations.


Tomoharu Ueda is a character from the manga series “Honto Yajuu”, also known as “Like the Beast”.

Tomoharu Ueda – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Tomoharu Ueda from “Honto Yajuu”:

Who is Tomoharu Ueda?

Tomoharu Ueda is the main character of the manga series “Honto Yajuu”. He is a high school student who has the ability to transform into a werewolf. Despite his terrifying appearance as a werewolf, Ueda is a kind and gentle person who tries to live a normal life while coming to terms with his supernatural transformation.

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What is Ueda’s backstory?

Ueda was cursed with the werewolf transformation when he was a young child. The reasons for this curse are not fully explained in the manga, but it is implied that it is somehow connected to his family history. Ueda struggles to hide his condition from his classmates and friends for fear of being rejected or seen as a monster.

What are Ueda’s abilities as a werewolf?

As a werewolf, Ueda gains enhanced strength, speed, senses, and healing abilities. He can also transform into a full wolf form, although he has limited control over this transformation. Ueda uses his werewolf powers to protect his loved ones, but he is also constantly worried about accidentally hurting someone in his transformed state.

How does Ueda’s transformation affect his everyday life?

Ueda’s werewolf transformation is a significant burden on his daily life. He has to be careful about when and where he transforms, as well as how to hide his condition from his classmates and family. This causes a lot of stress and anxiety for Ueda, who just wants to live a normal high school life.

What is Ueda’s relationship like with his friends and family?

Ueda has a close group of friends who support him, including his childhood friend Ran and his classmate Akira. He is also very protective of his family, especially his younger sister Hana. However, Ueda is constantly worried that his loved ones will discover his werewolf secret, causing tension and difficult decisions for him.

How does Ueda deal with the challenges of being a werewolf?

Ueda struggles to come to terms with his werewolf curse, often feeling like a monster and afraid of hurting someone he cares about. But he is determined to find a way to control his transformation and live a normal life. Ueda relies on the support of his friends and family, as well as his own inner strength, to overcome the challenges of being a teenage werewolf.