Yuuhi Amamiya

Japanese Name 雨宮 夕日
Romaji Name Amamiya Yuuhi
Nicknames Lizard Knight
Series Hoshi no Samidare
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified

Yuuhi Amamiya of “Hoshi no Samidare”: A closer look

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Yuuhi Amamiya, the main character of “Hoshi no Samidare”, is portrayed as a reclusive and introverted student. He is often seen wearing glasses and initially refuses Noi Crezant’s request to help save the world. Yuuhi’s asocial nature can be attributed to his upbringing by his grandfather, who instilled in him the belief that having friends is pointless. However, as the story progresses, Yuuhi undergoes a significant transformation, changing his perspective and becoming more open to making connections with others.


Not much is known about Yuuhi Amamiya’s background before the events of “Hoshi no Samidare. He is a college student who lives a relatively solitary life due to the influence of his grandfather. Yuuhi’s journey begins when he meets Noi Crezant, who urges him to join the battle to save the world. Over time, Yuuhi’s past and motivations are gradually revealed, adding depth to his character and shedding light on his reclusive nature.


Yuuhi Amamiya is portrayed as a young man with a reserved demeanor. He is often seen wearing glasses, which contribute to his somewhat nerdy appearance. Yuuhi’s physical features are relatively average, allowing him to blend in with his surroundings. However, his unassuming appearance belies his inner strength and determination to protect those he cares about.


Yuuhi has a unique ability known as Domain Control. With this power, he can exert a weak telekinetic force on a small bubble of air, allowing him to float above the ground or slow down an opponent’s attack. Compared to other characters in the series, Yuuhi’s combat skills are generally considered weaker. However, he makes up for this with his intelligence and strategic thinking, often coming up with unconventional solutions to overcome challenges.


Yuuhi Amamiya originates from the manga series “Hoshi no Samidare” by Satoshi Mizukami. The story follows Yuuhi’s journey as he becomes involved in a battle to save the world from imminent destruction. Throughout the series, Yuuhi undergoes personal growth, overcoming his reclusive nature and forming meaningful relationships with his allies. As one of the main protagonists, Yuuhi plays a pivotal role in the narrative, driving the plot forward with his unique abilities and character development.

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Yuuhi Amamiya – FAQ

Who is Yuuhi Amamiya?

Yuuhi Amamiya is a fictional character from the manga series “Hoshi no Samidare” (also known as “Lucifer and the Cookie Hammer”) created by Satoshi Mizukami. He is one of the main protagonists of the series.

What are Yuuhi Amamiya’s characteristics?

Yuuhi Amamiya is a determined and passionate young man. He is known for his strong sense of justice and unwavering determination. Yuuhi possesses exceptional physical strength and martial arts skills, making him a formidable fighter.

What is Yuuhi Amamiya’s role in “Hoshi no Samidare”?

Yuuhi Amamiya is one of the main characters in “Hoshi no Samidare”. He is chosen by the princess to be one of the “Knights of the Round”, a group of individuals tasked with saving the world from imminent destruction.

What motivates Yuuhi Amamiya to fight?

Yuuhi Amamiya is driven by his desire to protect others and his strong sense of justice. He fights to prevent the impending catastrophe that threatens the world and its people. In addition, he seeks to confront and overcome his own personal demons.

Does Yuuhi Amamiya have any special powers?

Yuuhi Amamiya possesses superhuman strength and agility, which he uses in battle. He also has a unique ability called “Gaia’s Fist,” which gives him the power to create powerful shockwaves with his fists.

How does Yuuhi Amamiya’s character develop over the course of the series?

Throughout the series, Yuuhi Amamiya undergoes significant character development. At first, he is portrayed as somewhat brash and impulsive, but as the story progresses, he matures and gains a deeper understanding of his responsibilities and the true nature of heroism.

Does Yuuhi Amamiya have any significant relationships with other characters?

Yuuhi Amamiya forms close relationships with several other characters in “Hoshi no Samidare”. His relationship with the princess, Samidare Asahina, is particularly crucial to the plot. They have a complex and evolving relationship that plays a pivotal role in the story’s development.