Makoto Ariga

Original Name: 有賀 誠
Romaji Name: Ariga Makoto
Nicknames: Mako-chan
Series: Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son)
Age: 13
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Makoto Ariga, also known as Mako, is a transgender female character from the anime and manga series “Hourou Musuko” (Wandering Son). She is described as mature for her age, able to think calmly and objectively while giving advice to her friends. Makoto is a good listener and gets along well with both boys and girls, often acting as an observer of other characters’ lives. She is caring and supportive of her close friend Shuuichi, who is also struggling with gender identity.


Makoto first appears when she and Shuuichi are in sixth grade, though they are in different classes. She also wants to be accepted as a girl and shares Shuuichi’s interest in cute outfits. Makoto wonders if her desire to be seen as a girl is due to an attraction to men, something Shuuichi cannot relate to. Makoto is an only child and her parents run a bakery.

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Makoto has a feminine appearance, with freckles on her face and round glasses. However, she feels that these features prevent her from being as cute as Shuuichi if she adopts a more feminine appearance.


As a supporting character, Makoto’s abilities are not heavily emphasized. However, she is shown to be insightful and able to give thoughtful advice to her friends.


Makoto Ariga is a character created by Takako Shimura for the manga series “Hourou Musuko” (Wandering Son), which was later adapted into an anime series.

Makoto Ariga – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Makoto Ariga from “Hourou Musuko”:

Who is Makoto Ariga?

Makoto Ariga is one of the main characters in the manga and anime series “Hourou Musuko” (Wandering Son). Makoto is a transgender girl who struggles with her gender identity and expression throughout the story.

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What is Makoto’s role in the story?

Makoto is a close friend of the main character, Shuuichi Nitori. As they navigate their adolescence and growing awareness of their gender, Makoto provides an important perspective and source of support for Shuuichi. Makoto’s own journey of self-discovery and acceptance is an important part of the series.

How does Makoto’s character develop throughout the story?

Over the course of “Hourou Musuko,” Makoto becomes more comfortable and confident in expressing her female identity. She faces challenges and discrimination, but eventually learns to accept who she is. Her relationship with Shuuichi and the other characters also evolves as she grows.

What are some key moments for Makoto’s character?

Some key moments include Makoto’s decision to start wearing female clothing to school, her conflicts with her parents about her gender identity, and her developing romance with another transgender character. These events are crucial to Makoto’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

How does Makoto’s portrayal reflect transgender representation in anime/manga?

“Hourou Musuko” is praised for its sensitive and nuanced portrayal of Makoto’s transgender experience. Her character helps to challenge stereotypes and bring greater visibility to transgender people in Japanese media, which has historically been limited.

What does Makoto’s character mean to the LGBTQ+ community?

Makoto’s character is seen as an important and groundbreaking representation of a transgender youth in anime and manga. Her story resonates with many LGBTQ+ people and helps foster greater understanding and acceptance of the transgender experience.